More recapitulated

Synonyms for more recapitulated
adj said again





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  • More recapitulatory

    Synonyms for more recapitulatory adj wordy, tedious boring repetitive redundant dull long-winded prolix repeating resonant tautological verbose windy echoic iterative plangent pleonastic reiterative alliterative iterant recapitulatory Antonyms for more recapitulatory concise simple

  • More recapped

    Synonyms for more recapped adj concise, to the point curt terse hasty succinct arbitrary cursory compact run-through short brief compendious condensed laconic perfunctory pithy run-down short and sweet boiled down breviloquent compacted compendiary in a nutshell recapped rehashed Antonyms for more recapped long-winded wordy large unabridged lengthy long

  • More recast

    Synonyms for more recast adj done again imitated reproduced remade reciprocated recast refashioned redone reduplicated replicated copied reworked duplicated done over

  • More receding

    Synonyms for more receding adj passive dormant inactive latent suspended relapsing receding regressive Antonyms for more receding prevailing dominant overbalancing Synonyms adj reverting sinking reversed inverted backward contrary inverse worsening slipping lapsing deteriorating receding declining catabolic Antonyms forward positive

  • Receivable

    Synonyms for receivable adj due chargeable expected IOU mature outstanding overdue owed owing payable scheduled unpaid unsatisfied unsettled collectible in arrears not met to be paid unliquidated

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