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More referable

Synonyms for more referable
adj capable of being traced




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    Synonyms for referring adj alluding mentioning suggesting quoting remarking attributing implying citing hinting indicating bringing up touching on

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    Synonyms for refined adj cultured, civilized precise polished tasteful cultivated discriminating elegant genteel delicate classy subtle sophisticated urbane exact discerning enlightened fine restrained sublime aesthetic civil courteous courtly fastidious gracious high-minded nice plush polite posh punctilious ritzy sensitive snazzy spiffy suave swanky well-bred well-mannered finespun high-brow Antonyms for refined unsophisticated uncritical inelegant uncultured uncivilized imprecise […]

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    Synonyms for refining adj cleansing civilizing distillation improving cleaning clarifying honing sharpening purifying elevating focusing perfecting cultivating polishing

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    Synonyms for refinished adj restored repaired resurfaced fixed up

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