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  • Most imagistic

    Synonyms for most imagistic adj explanatory figurative descriptive emblematic allegorical comparative corroborative expository graphic indicative representative sample symbolic typical delineative illuminative interpretive pictorial revealing clarifying diagrammatic exemplifying explicatory iconographic illustrational illustratory imagistic metaphoric pictoric specifying Antonyms for most imagistic atypical complicated confusing involved

  • Most imbalanced

    Synonyms for most imbalanced adj unstable cumbersome unbalanced bulky lopsided overweight uneven tottering imbalanced overloaded Antonyms for most imbalanced balanced ballasted equalized even stabilized

  • Most imbibing

    Synonyms for most imbibing adj capable of physically taking in a liquid dry absorptive penetrable permeable porous spongy thirsty bibulous pregnable imbibing retentive Antonyms for most imbibing impermeable

  • Most imbrued

    Synonyms for most imbrued adj bleeding bloodstained gory grisly crimson wounded gaping open raw sanguine sanguinary blood-soaked imbrued blood-spattered ensanguined hematic hemic unstaunched unstopped Antonyms for most imbrued pleasing closed shut Synonyms adj bloody, horrible murderous offensive sanguine bloodstained sanguinary bleeding blood-soaked bloodletting imbrued Antonyms pleasant pleasing mild Synonyms adj bloody gory grisly blood-soaked bleeding […]

  • Most imbued

    Synonyms for most imbued adj dependent on something, compulsive devoted obsessed hooked inclined absorbed accustomed predisposed habituated disposed dependent fanatic fond given to under the influence used to attached hyped imbued spaced out given over to prone to strung out wedded to Antonyms for most imbued indifferent unwilling disinclined independent opposed unaccustomed Synonyms adj brimming, […]

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