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Synonyms for narrowing
noun shortening




Antonyms for narrowing




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  • Narrowing down

    Synonyms for narrowing down verb grow less or make less ebb wane dwindle reduce soften curb weaken decline ease subside fall off drop off slash curtail shrink depreciate deteriorate slump sink abate diminish cut down lower slacken drop lessen settle degenerate decay devaluate lighten modify quiet evaporate crumble quell wither restrain contract fade waste shrivel […]

  • Narrowly

    Synonyms for narrowly adv just, closely carefully barely almost close nearly scarcely by a hair by a whisker by narrow margin only just painstakingly scrutinizingly Antonyms for narrowly carelessly imprecisely

  • Narrowminded

    Synonyms for narrowminded adj biased, intolerant hidebound petty parochial narrow bigoted conservative conventional illiberal insular opinionated prejudiced provincial reactionary short-sighted small-minded strait-laced unenlarged Antonyms for narrowminded broad-minded tolerant unbiased liberal Synonyms adj intolerant, prejudiced biased dogmatic narrow narrow-minded obstinate opinionated partial partisan sectarian slanted small-minded twisted unfair chauvinistic warped Antonyms broad-minded humanitarian open-minded tolerant unprejudiced […]

  • Narrowmindedness

    Synonyms for narrowmindedness noun belief in one way; partiality intolerance favoritism tilt bigotry prejudice preference leaning unfairness tendency inclination penchant bent predisposition turn prepossession spin flash standpoint proneness propensity preconception disposition predilection mind-set viewpoint chauvinism proclivity one-sidedness illiberality head-set mind trip Antonyms for narrowmindedness fairness dislike hate disinclination antipathy impartiality justness justice tolerance Synonyms noun […]

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