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Synonyms for pollenating
verb fertilize





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  • Pollens

    Synonyms for pollens noun irritant dander irritant pollen antigen ragweed dust mite foreign substance immune trigger

  • Pollies

    Synonyms for pollies noun gossip fink stoolie gossip troublemaker talebearer telltale tattler rumormonger informer quidnunc blabbermouth snitch tabby rat taleteller windbag squealer snitcher busybody blabber scandalmonger bigmouth stool pigeon canary tipster squeaker nark whistleblower whistler fat mouth gasser peacher polly ratfink sleazemonger

  • Pollinate

    Synonyms for pollinate verb fertilize breed cross-fertilize pollenate crossbreed Synonyms verb fertilize with pollen fertilize breed

  • Pollination

    Synonyms for pollination noun impregnation of the ovum propagation breeding procreation conjugation implantation impregnation insemination fecundation

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