Synonyms for rapturous
adj ecstatic




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  • More raptorial

    Synonyms for more raptorial adj eating, destroying for sustenance or without conscience rapacious voracious greedy bloodthirsty carnivorous hungry hunting preying thieving marauding depredatory despoiling pillaging plundering predacious predative raptorial ravaging ravening vulturine vulturous wolfish Synonyms adj predatory rapacious ravening predaceous predacious raptorial

  • Rarefied

    Synonyms for rarefied adj exclusive exalted esoteric lofty select elevated private cliquish Antonyms for rarefied commonplace

  • Raring

    Synonyms for raring adj eager enthusiastic keen longing ready willing champing at the bit itching Antonyms for raring reluctant

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    Synonyms for more rascal adj dishonest, insincere duplicitous disingenuous hypocritical artful fraudulent misleading untruthful deceptive untrustworthy underhanded astute clandestine counterfeit crafty cunning delusive designing double-dealing fallacious feline foxy furtive illusory indirect insidious knavish lying mendacious rascal roguish shifty slick sly sneaky stealthy subtle treacherous tricky two-faced underhand wily delusory guileful false astucious beguiling deceiving impostrous […]

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    Synonyms for more rascally adj mischievous; small delicate devilish disobedient elfish frolicsome impish little minute naughty petite playful puckish puny slight sprightly tiny misbehaving prankish rascally Synonyms adj dishonest, hypocritical misleading deceptive malicious deceitful apostate base canting corrupt crooked delusive devious dishonorable disloyal double-dealing duplicitous faithless foul lying malevolent mean perfidious recreant renegade traitorous treacherous […]

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