Synonyms for recognized
adj acknowledged





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    Synonyms for more recognizing adj alert, awake sensible watchful sure mindful certain informed aware keen cognizant responsive vigilant attentive acquainted aesthetic assured au courant conversant discerning knowing known noticing noting observing perceiving seeing sentient understanding with it able to recognize alive to apperceptive apprised felt hep to in on in right mind on to percipient […]

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    Synonyms for more recoiling adj shy reticent sheepish diffident coy confused embarrassed timid self-conscious abashed backward blushing chary demure humble modest nervous reserved retiring shamefaced shrinking silent timorous constrained self-effacing blushful overmodest recoiling unassertive verecund Antonyms for more recoiling confident unabashed forward aggressive bold unshy

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    Synonyms for more recollected adj remembered recollected brought to mind Synonyms adj thought of retained evoked memorialized memorized recalled commemorated recollected brought to mind Antonyms forgotten overlooked lost

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    Synonyms for more recollective adj suggestive of something in the past evocative similar redolent nostalgic bringing to mind implicative mnemonic recollective remindful Antonyms for more recollective forgetful oblivious Synonyms adj backward-looking reflective contemplative pensive recollective

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    Synonyms for more recommendatory adj approving, friendly sympathetic positive encouraging benign agreeable supportive affirmative amicable benevolent complimentary enthusiastic inclined kind kindly laudatory okay predisposed understanding acclamatory approbatory benignant welcoming approbative assenting commending in favor of praiseful reassuring recommendatory well-disposed well-intentioned Antonyms for more recommendatory disadvantageous hateful unfavorable unfriendly derogatory detrimental harmful hurtful injurious disagreeable bad […]

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