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Screwing arounds

Synonyms for screwing arounds
noun sexual intercourse



screwing around
sleeping around

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  • Screwing off

    Synonyms for screwing off verb avoid work coast diddle doodle fool around hang around horse around mess around shirk slack bum around dog it featherbed fiddle around fluff off hang out lollygag monkey around putz around screw off take it easy drag one’s feet

  • Screwing up

    Synonyms for screw up verb make a mess of botch flub confuse muddle spoil bungle blow foul up goof louse mess mess up mishandle mismanage muff queer snafu bobble bollix goof up make hash of muck up Antonyms for screwing up enlighten explain organize do well succeed clear up order

  • Screwing up eyes

    Synonyms for screwing up eyes verb scrunch up eyes when viewing peek peep look squinch cock the eye look askance look cross-eyed screw up eyes Antonyms for screwing up eyes open

  • Screwing up one face

    Synonyms for screwing up one face verb make a pained expression sneer smirk frown contort scowl mug mouth deform distort misshape make a face make a wry face screw up one’s face Antonyms for screwing up one face grin smile beautify

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