Synonyms for sedulously
adv diligently





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  • Sedulousness

    Synonyms for sedulousness noun diligence application keenness intensity assiduity heedfulness pertinacity earnestness exertion alertness vigor industriousness attention carefulness quickness intent assiduousness care constancy attentiveness industry heed activity briskness laboriousness intentness Antonyms for sedulousness inactivity laziness lethargy idleness disregard ignorance negligence carelessness inattention thoughtlessness indolence neglect

  • See

    Synonyms for see verb perceive with eyes notice look recognize regard watch examine observe identify detect spot witness view spy glare gape scan mind espy scrutinize sight discern stare glimpse eye clock flash mark note gaze scope behold peg peek peer inspect pierce gawk beam descry distinguish penetrate peep remark contemplate survey heed lay eyes […]

  • See about

    Synonyms for see about verb turn over in one’s mind scrutinize grant recognize study regard examine favor see contemplate acknowledge ponder ruminate scan deliberate inspect muse excogitate reflect reason meditate concede consult cogitate speculate revolve envisage take into account take up look at deal with allow for assent to chew over dream of flirt with […]

  • See after

    Synonyms for see after verb protect, watch preserve patrol secure oversee defend cover keep observe escort supervise safeguard shield lookout shepherd mind police fend attend bulwark chaperon screen chaperone stonewall tend shelter conduct superintend convoy save baby-sit look after shotgun cover up keep an eye on keep in view keep under surveillance ride shotgun for […]

  • See ahead

    Synonyms for see ahead verb infer deduce hypothesize guess theorize envision figure conclude predict anticipate project assume foretell foresee make an educated guess Antonyms for see ahead doubt

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