Synonyms for seeker
noun applicant





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  • Seeking advice

    Synonyms for seeking advice verb ask, confer huddle consider deliberate review negotiate brainstorm examine interview respect argue discuss confab flap commune regard question interrogate powwow treat cogitate parlay debate confabulate call in turn to collogue ask advice of be closeted with compare notes groupthink kick ideas around put heads together refer to seek advice seek […]

  • Seeking an answer

    Synonyms for seeking an answer verb ask about search inspect scrutinize explore inquire pry probe question examine investigate query analyze seek check go over look into seek an answer want to know Antonyms for seeking an answer ignore reply find neglect answer

  • Seeking favor

    Synonyms for seeking favor verb get on the good side of someone flatter kowtow attract captivate grovel charm blandish crawl truckle brownnose get in with hand a line insinuate oneself play up to seek favor Antonyms for seeking favor offend deter disgust repel repulse

  • Seeking friendship

    Synonyms for seeking friendship verb enrich situation; give special attention bolster nourish develop enrich encourage refine cherish promote improve discipline advance court better elevate foster train nurse ameliorate further polish nurture civilize bring on brownnose butter up get in with get next to get on good side of play up to run after seek friendship […]

  • Seeking in marriage

    Synonyms for seeking in marriage verb seek as romantic partner pursue cultivate solicit rush court propose beg importune entreat spoon caress charm address date spark chase butter up curry favor make love aim for bill and coo go steady keep company make advances run after seek in marriage seek the hand of press one’s suit […]

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