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Synonyms for strayed
adj wandered




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  • Straying

    Synonyms for straying adj deviating aberrant errant aberrational aberrative Synonyms noun deviation aberrant aberration divergence maverick waif aberrance aberrancy divagation straggler

  • Streaked

    Synonyms for streaked adj having streaks ridged variegated marked striped striate streaky tore veined grooved whelked barred striated brindled linear lineate liny pied strigose whelky

  • More streaming

    Synonyms for more streaming adj having movement operating alive effective rapid progressive working mobile pushing movable rustling running going traveling flowing rolling simmering functioning rushing operative astir efficacious hasty moving restless speedy walking turning streaming shifting speeding at work bustling exertive impelling in force in play in process swarming Antonyms for more streaming inoperative unmovable […]

  • Streamlined

    Synonyms for streamlined adj modernized up-to-date sleek trim smooth contoured slick clean Antonyms for streamlined inefficient rough coarse Synonyms adj sleek simplified smooth modernized aerodynamic Antonyms inefficient

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