Synonyms for tactile
adj touchable




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  • Tactless

    Synonyms for tactless adj unthinking, careless untactful awkward boorish brash bungling clumsy crude discourteous gauche gruff harsh hasty impolite impolitic imprudent inconsiderate indelicate indiscreet inept injudicious insensitive maladroit misunderstanding rash rough rude sharp stupid thoughtless uncivil unfeeling unkind unpolished unsympathetic vulgar undiplomatic unperceptive unsubtle blundering unconsiderate Antonyms for tactless careful discreet tactful thoughtful

  • Tactual

    Synonyms for tactual adj related to touch tactile material palpable physical solid tangible

  • More tagged

    Synonyms for more tagged adj having as a name specified titled tagged termed dubbed denominated designated labeled baptized christened called entitled appellated Synonyms adj offered or mentioned at a stated price given stated named marked priced published announced tagged asked ticketed price-marked

  • More surmounted

    Synonyms for more surmounted adj defeated overwhelmed frustrated overcome disappointed overthrown ruined undone humbled overpowered routed thwarted bested surmounted vanquished disheartened discomfited subjugated worsted crushed circumvented baffled trounced licked mastered conquered cowed

  • Surmountable

    Synonyms for surmountable adj conquerable achievable attainable beatable

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