Synonyms for tendentious
adj biased




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  • More tender hearted

    Synonyms for more tender hearted adj compassionate simple weak gentle lax easy tender affectionate amiable benign courteous effortless gracious indulgent kind kindly lenient liberal manageable permissive sensitive sentimental spineless sympathetic pitying easy-going overindulgent tender-hearted undemanding Antonyms for more tender hearted complicated intricate mature older rigid unyielding callous stern uncompassionate healthy intelligent complex difficult strong loud […]

  • More tendered

    Synonyms for more tendered adj enlisted tendered offered proffered

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    Synonyms for more tenderfoot adj immature inexperienced crude green guileless infant jejune juvenile kid naive puerile raw tenderfoot unripe unsophisticated untrained untried young jellybean low tech not dry behind ears sophomore unbaked unfledged Antonyms for more tenderfoot experienced mature initiated sophisticated Synonyms adj amateurish tenderfoot green rookie half-baked unskilled artsy fartsy dabbling half-cocked unaccomplished ungifted […]

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    Synonyms for more tenderfooted adj inexperienced raw green natural new artless callow uncultivated unskilled untrained untried unversed young youthful unpracticed tenderfooted Antonyms for more tenderfooted experienced tired used worn kind polite old stale exhausted lifeless unenergetic gentle

  • Tenderhearted

    Synonyms for tenderhearted adj tender affectionate benevolent bleeding heart charitable compassionate considerate emotional forgiving gentle humane kind kindhearted lenient loving merciful mushy sensitive sentimental soft softhearted sweet sympathetic thoughtful understanding warm warmhearted all heart caring

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