Un speakably

Synonyms for un speakably
adv inexpressibly



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  • Un speaking

    Synonyms for un speaking adj silent bashful shy still quiet mute closemouthed reserved secretive soundless speechless tight-lipped tongue-tied uncommunicative unsociable voiceless hushed buttoned up clammed up muted nonvocal not forthcoming not talkative unspeaking wordless zipped Antonyms for un speaking agitated Synonyms adj unable to speak silent speechless tongue-tied silenced quiet muffled mum unexpressed unspoken voiceless […]

  • Un specific

    Synonyms for un specific adj evasive, mysterious tricky ambiguous volatile fleeting puzzling illusory slippery subtle incomprehensible baffling cagey deceitful deceptive equivocal evanescent fallacious fraudulent fugitive greasy insubstantial intangible misleading occult phantom shifty shy transient transitory fugacious imponderable indefinable difficult to catch elusory stonewalling unspecific Antonyms for un specific honest stable intelligible confronting enticing inviting definite […]

  • Un specified

    Synonyms for un specified adj not specified undetermined undefined general vague unmentioned Antonyms for un specified known specified Synonyms adj vague undefined general unmentioned Antonyms known specified Synonyms adj unknown, usually by choice unidentified unnamed undisclosed nameless incognito pseudo pseudonymous secret unspecified unsigned Jane/John Doe X bearding innominate so and so such and such unacknowledged […]

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    Synonyms for un spent adj not spent retained kept stored untouched unused invested deposited accumulated amassed hoarded unspent Antonyms for un spent spent ruined squandered wasted lost destroyed

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    Synonyms for un spiritual adj concerning animate structure physical actual animal carnal corporal corporeal fleshly gross human material natural normal organic sensual substantial tangible somatic unspiritual Antonyms for un spiritual soulful spiritual mental Synonyms adj physically concerning land or its inhabitants terrestrial mundane temporal worldly carnal physical corporeal global human material mortal profane secular tellurian […]

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