Un swayed

Synonyms for un swayed
adj unbiased





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  • Un sweetened

    Synonyms for un sweetened adj pungent, sharp sour harsh astringent acid tart acerbic acrid acerb absinthal absinthian amaroidal unsweetened vinegary Antonyms for un sweetened pleasant content genial kind wonderful bland sweet mild agreeable nice good helping

  • Un swept

    Synonyms for un swept adj soiled, unclean dusty murky muddy disheveled crummy unkempt grimy messy nasty sloppy filthy greasy spotted foul black defiled bedraggled grubby grungy icky lousy pigpen raunchy slimy slovenly smutty sooty squalid unsanitary unsightly untidy yucky mucky unwashed stained polluted contaminated begrimed smudged disarrayed sullied fouled spattered cruddy dishabille dreggy dungy mung […]

  • Un swerving

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    Synonyms for un sympathetic adj without agreement in feeling disinterested insensitive lukewarm callous unconcerned cruel unpleasant aloof indifferent apathetic unresponsive antipathetic cold cold-blooded cool frigid halfhearted hard harsh heartless icy mean nasty obdurate repellent repugnant stony tough uncongenial unemotional unfeeling unkind unmoved uncompassionate unpitying aversive Antonyms for un sympathetic interested responsive compassionate kind merciful concerned […]

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