• fulcher

    a weirdo who likes to lick b-tts i am fulcher i lick b-tts

  • evangelline

    evangelline, is a beautiful girl who is loved by lots. she goes through alot though behind her smile are a million tears. she has many struggles and goes through a lot, if your friends with an evangelline keep her close because she will always be there for you, she helps others more than herself. you […]

  • gluuurbbbhhhh

    the sound the person you just shanked in the head makes as he drowns in his own blood gluuurbbbhhhh

  • huzai

    he’s a crazy, weird, mexican who is cool af and really fun to hang out with. he’s always gets the hoes and you might see him bench pressing his friends. huzai is buff af.

  • i’m free tomorrow

    that saying your friends tell you so that you leave them alone, but when tomorrow comes they suddenly aren’t free. person 1: “yeah, yeah, okay. i’m free tomorrow dude.” person 2: “kay!!” -next day- person 2: “they said they were free…”

  • Bullpen Beef

    women who seek out baseball players for s-xual encounters, essentially baseball groupies. this especially applies to groups of women who sit in the stands near the bullpen, hoping to talk to players. the bullpen beef were sitting in the stands, talking to the relief pitcher, and hoping he would take them out with some of […]

  • Government High

    the act of getting high through government funded or -ssistance programs. this includes anything from prescription drugs from -ssistance programs, to whip-it’s with foodstamps. i grabbed me a few cans of redi-whip so we can watch the game and enjoy our government high.

  • anoraknophobia

    where the person suffering said disease is uncontrollably scared of anoraks and other h20-stopping garments, such as the most commonly feared ‘umbrella’, or ‘brolly’ for short person 1:”dude! why aren’t you wearing a coat?” person 2:”i got anoraknophobia, and im sh-t scared of bollies” person 1:”oh, ok. u wanna get pizza?”

  • juleah

    a juleah is a very awesome friend. she is very beautiful, and intelligent, once tou have her love it last forever. juleah’s will go far in life, she can do whatever she sets her mind to. juleah will make a good girlfriend. she usually looks smokin’!! she can be really strict so watch out! she […]

  • golden opportunity

    an excellent and rare opportunity this is my golden opportunity to redeem myself. drunkenly peeing the bed when company is over and blaming it on them in the morning “dude, did you bang that chick last night?” “yeah bro, but i was so wasted i p-ss-d the bed” “did you blame it on her in […]

  • Turning

    Synonyms for turn verb revolve, curve twist cut spin swing pass arc bend corner pivot ground whirl yaw vibrate eddy circle oscillate sway roll circulate wheel swivel negotiate gyre weave rotate incline orbit gyrate wind twirl round loop pirouette circumduct come around go around go round hang a left hang a right make a left […]

  • Over development

    Synonyms for over development noun blockage traffic jam bottleneck profusion jam mass excess press surplus surfeit overpopulation crowding rubber-necking snarl-up clogging crowdedness overcrowding overdevelopment Antonyms for over development lack necessity need want opening

  • More significant

    Synonyms for significant adj telling, meaningful powerful symbolic important compelling serious momentous cogent convincing eloquent expressive forceful heavy indicative knowing meaning pregnant representative rich sententious sound suggestive valid weighty facund denoting expressing Antonyms for more significant insignificant trivial unimportant meaningless minor Synonyms adj important, critical noteworthy big notable vital substantial consequential serious meaningful considerable momentous […]

  • Dis trustful

    Synonyms for dis trustful adj disbelieving skeptical cautious wary fearful suspicious mistrustful dubious doubtful uneasy jealous leery cagey chary cynical doubting uptight been hit before Antonyms for dis trustful believing heedless incautious rash trustworthy trusty unquestionable confident trusting unsuspecting careless certain definite sure clear assured faithful trustful Synonyms adj hesitant; unconfident sheepish demure meek self-effacing […]

  • Receives credit

    Synonyms for receives credit verb pay with credit card encumber nick book cuff debit paste chalk up buy on credit go into hock incur debt put on account put on the cuff put on the tab receive credit run up put on one’s card Antonyms for receives credit exculpate exonerate retreat free pay pay by […]

  • Gauged

    Synonyms for gauge verb measure, judge guess calculate evaluate ascertain assess determine quantify weigh appraise count scale compute peg figure reckon tally meter rate value eye estimate adjudge check size check out figure in take account of calibrate guesstimate look over quantitate size up have one’s number Antonyms for gauged estimate guess subtract

  • Got off the point

    Synonyms for got off the point verb stray, deviate meander swerve depart ramble veer drift divagate roam wander aberrate be diffuse beat about the bush circumlocute excurse get off the point get off the subject get sidetracked go by way of go off on a tangent long way turn aside wander away Antonyms for got […]

  • Squishy

    Synonyms for squishy adj soft mushy spongy flabby fleshy cushy downy gelatinous pulpous pulpy quaggy squashy yielding cushiony doughy pappy Antonyms for squishy hard thin

  • Smart remark

    Synonyms for smart remark noun joke remark return quip dig insult gag jibe jest witticism wisecrack funny remark Antonyms for smart remark compliment flattery praise

  • Un equivocalnesses

    Synonyms for un equivocalnesses noun complete honesty simplicity honesty truthfulness probity sincerity fairness frankness veracity impartiality uprightness openness artlessness naiveté outspokenness directness unequivocalness forthrightness glasnost ingenuousness straightforwardness guilelessness Antonyms for un equivocalnesses dishonesty unfairness falsehood guile deceit lying artifice deception Synonyms noun accuracy, precision faithfulness exactitude veracity scrupulousness correctness carefulness nicety regularity rigor preciseness truth […]

  • Looks daggers at

    Synonyms for looks daggers at verb frown glower glare grimace gloom lower disapprove lour look daggers at make a face Antonyms for looks daggers at grin smile

  • Whiffy

    Synonyms for whiffy adj having fragrance aromatic balmy dank fetid flavorsome flowery foul fragrant heady honeyed loud malodorous mephitic moldy musty nauseous offensive perfumed pungent putrid redolent rotten savory scented smelly spicy stagnant stale stinking strong sweet unsavory effluvious miasmic odoriferant odoriferous olfactive olfactory perfumatory perfumy reeking savorous scent-laden scentful skunky sweet-scented sweet-smelling tumaceous Antonyms […]

  • Overprotected

    Synonyms for overprotected verb pamper fondle pet cosset overindulge dandle caress spoil indulge baby coddle wait on overprotect cater to Antonyms for overprotected ignore

  • In anticipation

    Synonyms for in anticipation adj early earlier ahead advanced ahead of time already ante before fore precocious previous previously sooner antecedently before now in advance precedently Synonyms adv earlier then already formerly heretofore once ahead ante back before beforehand erstwhile fore forward long ago hitherto antecedently a while ago at one time away back back […]

  • Un likeliest

    Synonyms for un likeliest adj not probable unbelievable rare incredible improbable strange absurd implausible remote inconceivable contrary doubtful dubious faint out of the ordinary questionable slight unconvincing unheard-of unimaginable untoward not likely outside chance Antonyms for un likeliest believable credible plausible usual possible tenable likely probable imaginable common regular reasonable probably Synonyms adj doubtful questionable […]

  • Profligateness

    Synonyms for profligateness noun luxury; gratification privilege extravagance kindness leniency satiation understanding patience lenience fulfillment appeasement toleration service endurance favor pleasing tolerance attention partiality courtesy excess hedonism intemperance fondness satisfaction profligacy goodwill forbearance allowance gratifying permissiveness immoderation petting intemperateness spoiling pampering fondling babying coddling favoring kowtowing placating toadying treating Antonyms for profligateness frustration intolerance dissatisfaction […]

  • Midden

    Synonyms for midden noun refuse heap compost heap kitchen refuse shell mound Synonyms noun garbage dump dump landfill scrap heap dumpsite junkheap junkpile junkyard toxic waste dump wasteyard Synonyms noun worthless material dump kitchen midden landfill duskheap garbage dump junkheap junkpile toxic waste dump

  • Insurrects

    Synonyms for insurrects verb disregard rules; refuse to conform contravene violate defy infringe evade flout ignore overstep misbehave decline differ balk riot withstand disagree object revolutionize desert resist revolt rebel mutiny strike counteract neglect dare shirk revolution run riot transgress recalcitrate be remiss break rules fly in face of go counter to insurrect not heed […]

  • Multi cultural

    Synonyms for multi cultural adj international global universal worldwide Continental multicultural intercontinental Synonyms adj socially acceptable considerate diplomatic inclusive inoffensive liberal politic respectful sensitive PC gender-free multicultural multiculturally sensitive nondiscriminatory nonracist nonsexist political correctness political views bias-free sensitive to other Synonyms adj open to all races open multicultural desegregated interracial multiracial nonracial nonsectarian nonsegregated racially […]

  • More moping

    Synonyms for more moping adj feeling down, blue pessimistic dour sullen solemn forlorn melancholy sad ugly glum dismal depressed miserable blue funk cheerless crestfallen dejected desolate despondent disconsolate dispirited down in the mouth downcast downhearted joyless low moody morose mournful oppressed saturnine sulky surly unhappy weary woebegone woeful crabbed broody chapfallen down in the dumps […]

  • 10 4

    noun agreement, mutual understanding (often written) Synonyms for 10 4 noun agreement, mutual understanding (often written) pact reconciliation deal correspondence congruence okay concert accordance concurrence unanimity concord treaty sympathy harmony rapport conformity 10-4 good vibes good vibrations Antonyms for 10 4 refusal disunity discord antagonism denial dissension disagreement difference opposition

  • At full volume

    Synonyms for at full volume adj very loud ringing blaring vociferous rowdy thunderous roaring noisy booming screaming ear-piercing ear-popping ear-splitting turned up Antonyms for at full volume quiet silent

  • Undergraduate students

    Synonyms for undergraduate students noun person studying at institution of higher education senior junior graduate student first year student grad student sophomore undergrad undergraduate student

  • Look sullen

    Synonyms for look sullen verb pout mope brood gloom lower grouse glower gripe moon grump scowl frown take on be down in the mouth be in a huff be morose be out of sorts be silent Antonyms for look sullen compliment praise grin smile be happy

  • Request for payment

    Synonyms for request for payment noun account of charges; money owed note debt check statement knock invoice IOU damage chit score tab reckoning bad news itemized account statement of indebtedness Antonyms for request for payment coin