• black fart dragon

    the black fart dragon is when you are about to eat a girls *ss but then she farts. you still lick it though because you love your boo. lucas: ayo son where were you last night? daniel: eatin this girls *ss. lucas: oh d*mn. daniel: she brought out the black fart dragon though!!!

  • filthy rez hoot

    a girl named veronica who has hammer thumbs and a bannock *ss. is very ugly and stuffs her bra. smokes rez hoots. man that girl veronica is such a filthy rez hoot

  • anal spike

    its when a guy doesn’t accept no as an answer when a girl says no to *n*l but during s*x he sticks his d*ck in her *ss any ways! “ooooh yes baby” “oh wait till you feel this” “aaawwwww!!! you f*cking *n*l spiked me”

  • cocktrade

    any place where the turnover of mostly male employees is so high it becomes known as a c*cktrade. example: joe: “so you still working for that company?” dave: “no it turned into a c*cktrade.”

  • crotch nebula

    when a male or female doesn’t shave themselves down there for a period of 1 year or more. the resulting growth is cl*ssified as a crotch nebula. man, i totally misread that one. she had a crotch nebula under there. sorry bro, i can’t come grab a beer, i need to go shave my crotch […]

  • Derren Brown

    patron saint of corduroy and frock coats. hobbies included scaring the cr*p out of students and making stephen fry say ‘f*ck’ loudly. you’re about as twisted as that derren brown forum! a very charming, clever and rather handsome fellow from croydon who is very good at bending people’s minds. you: h*llo – how are you […]

  • Municipality

    1. a city, town, or other area that has its own local government. 2. the appointed or elected members of a local government. 1. that city is a munic*p*lity. 2. those boring people are part of the munic*p*lity.

  • The Quiff

    an ignorant user that spends all of his time in a pojo. he spends all of his waking hours on pojo, typing inane yugioh theories even though he has no compet*tive experience. if you happen to point out a flaw in one of his arguments, he will ignore you or make a horrible *n*logy. he […]

  • The Mogar Smash

    the act of punching your girl in the face, slamming her head down, then proceeding to have *n*l intercourse with her. my girl wasnt in the mood last night, so i pulled the mogar smash on her.

  • dembowed

    1. the act of getting tricked into going somewhere you do not want to go. 2. receiving text messages, mysp*ce bullentins, or facebook messages that only include one or two words such as “tonight” or “it’s on” example 1 guy 1: “dude, where were you last night?” guy 2: “i got dembowed by some old […]

  • Whole shtick

    Synonyms for whole shtick noun whole works full monty limit works whole hog all of it full measure kit and caboodle whole ball of was whole bit whole deal whole kit and boodle whole kit and caboodle whole mess whole nine yards whole shebang whole shooting match whole show

  • Campaigned against

    Synonyms for campaigned against verb fight, battle differ contend shoot shell attempt clash combat contest challenge disagree bombard attack murder kill struggle meet endeavor strive oppugn tug take on take up arms go to war campaign against engage in combat make war march against take the field against wage war Antonyms for campaigned against retreat […]

  • Stainlessnesses

    Synonyms for stainlessnesses noun blamelessness righteousness virtue probity uprightness chastity incorruptibility purity immaculateness inculpability sinlessness guiltlessness impeccability incorruption clean hands clear conscience stainlessness Antonyms for stainlessnesses evil guilt sin impurity knowledge badness blame corruption experience treacherousness wildness Synonyms noun the state of being pure cleanliness cleanness whiteness pureness immaculateness immaculacy stainlessness unsulliedness untaintedness Antonyms impurity […]

  • Are into one for

    Synonyms for are into one for verb have an obligation incur lost behind ought to be beholden be bound be contracted be in arrears be in debt be indebted be into one for be obligated be under obligation feel bound get on credit have borrowed in hock on the tab run up a bill Antonyms […]

  • Crashing

    Synonyms for crashing adj absolute utter sheer total complete plain all-out arrant downright out-and-out outright pure supreme thorough unbounded unconditional unequivocal unlimited unmitigated Antonyms for crashing incomplete uncertain unfinished Synonyms adj superlative swell excellent exceptional fabulous grand great marvelous sensational superb terrific

  • Buttes

    Synonyms for buttes noun uprising of earth’s surface; pile slope ridge dune bluff cliff promontory down headland stack ascent gradient hillock precipice knoll inclination elevation protuberance rise drift fell heap mesa height mound eminence acclivity incline mount shock prominence range summit climb hillside hilltop highland talus upland butte hummock tor esker rising ground Antonyms for […]

  • Slopsucker

    Synonyms for slopsucker noun lowlife riffraff scum lowest common denominator base person bottom fish hungry puppy

  • Rarely

    Synonyms for rarely adv not often; exceptionally seldom barely hardly infrequently extra extraordinarily extremely little notably now and then once in a while singularly uncommon uncommonly unusually remarkably almost never finely hardly ever on rare occasions once in blue moon scarcely ever unfrequently unoften Antonyms for rarely frequently regularly

  • Revolve

    Synonyms for revolve verb turn, circle whirl rotate wheel orbit twist gyrate spin roll gyre circumduct go around turn around Antonyms for revolve ignore steady neglect Synonyms verb think about ponder consider deliberate study muse reflect meditate ruminate roll mull over think over turn over in mind Antonyms ignore disregard forget neglect dismiss

  • Art up to one ears in

    Synonyms for art up to one ears in verb exist in abundance proliferate flourish thrive teem crowd swell flow swarm infest overflow be alive with be all over the place be knee deep in be no end to be plentiful be thick with crawl with have a full plate be up to one’s ears in […]

  • Droops

    Synonyms for droop verb hang down; languish wilt slouch dangle sag wither decline faint sling depress lean lop drop slump suspend loll flag settle bend fade subside fail diminish weaken sink let down fall down Antonyms for droops bloom improve increase ascend straighten complete grow inflate rise continue finish strengthen

  • More chestnut

    Synonyms for more chestnut adj coppery-brown color tan rust chestnut copper burnished russet brownish copper-colored metallic brown reddish-brown reddish-tan Synonyms adj dark, burnished color fawn ginger tan toast amber brick nut buff coffee drab dust bronze bay ecru beige rust auburn tawny terra-cotta copper cinnamon russet puce mahogany sepia cocoa sorrel umber henna bister chestnut […]

  • Spirited

    Synonyms for spirited adj lively, vivacious animated vigorous energetic resolute spunky peppy enthusiastic gutsy bright fiery fearless passionate courageous bold brave burning sparkling alert keen game jumping animate active ardent audacious avid dauntless eager effervescent gritty high-spirited hot intrepid mettlesome nervy peppery plucky sharp snappy sprightly zealous zippy bouncy rocking chirpy full of life gingery […]

  • Pashes

    Synonyms for pashes noun intense love admiration veneration reverence devotion esteem shine attachment hankering weakness yen idolization honor crush passion infatuation exaltation ardor idolatry estimation worship glorification puppy love amore pash worshipping Antonyms for pashes disregard disrespect dislike hate hatred debasement denunciation humiliation condemnation indifference abhorrence detestation Synonyms verb shatter; break into small pieces rive […]

  • Bear comparison with

    Synonyms for bear comparison with verb meet expectations approach arrive equal extend match reach resemble rival admit of comparison with come near compare with get near measure up to rank with stand comparison with Synonyms verb oppose; be a match for emulate equal resemble contend contest correspond approximate tie amount near compete partake touch meet […]

  • In toxication

    Synonyms for in toxication noun inebriation drunkenness excitement elation exhilaration intemperance euphoria Antonyms for in toxication sorrow depression unhappiness Synonyms noun bliss rapture elation euphoria happiness joy gladness transport trance beatitude delectation fervor paradise enthusiasm cool enchantment exaltation delight felicity frenzy intoxication inspiration heaven joyfulness ebullience delirium blessedness seventh heaven rhapsody ravishment twilight zone Antonyms […]

  • Control oneself

    Synonyms for control oneself verb compose oneself chill out relax rest cool down cool it cool off get hold of oneself go easy keep cool restrain oneself simmer down take it easy regain one’s composure

  • Electro therapies

    Synonyms for electro therapies noun treatment of psychotic states with electrical shock electroconvulsive therapy ECT EST convulsive therapy electrotherapy psychosurgery shock treatment

  • Chrysalises

    Synonyms for chrysalises noun growth evolution advancement expansion improvement increase progress unfolding maturity progression addition spreading reinforcement enlargement augmentation hike flowering advance boost buildup spread increasing maturing ongoing evolvement adulthood developing ontogenesis maturation ontogeny ripening chrysalis adding to advancing augmenting elaborating evolving making progress perfecting reinforcing unraveling upgrowth upping Antonyms for chrysalises decrease halt stoppage […]

  • Gotten ahold of

    Synonyms for gotten ahold of verb communicate with reach visit telephone phone call connect approach talk network get relate interact buzz touch base interface be in touch with check with get ahold of get in touch with reach out speak to write to Antonyms for gotten ahold of listen refrain avoid depart leave

  • Scrivens

    Synonyms for scrivens verb put language down on paper compose rewrite create scrawl sign note record pen draft address print scribble tell ghost engross transcribe formulate author communicate correspond inscribe reproduce letter indite commit copy scribe autograph draw up knock off knock out take down turn out typewrite ink pencil chalk bang out comp dash […]

  • More declinatory

    Synonyms for more declinatory adj unwilling to go along with something refractory belligerent negative irregular contumacious divergent impatient rebellious recalcitrant restive truculent declinatory declining objecting refusing Antonyms for more declinatory compliant obedient willing subservient Synonyms adj decreasing lessening abating ebbing declinatory decrescent Antonyms waxing

  • More needlepointed

    Synonyms for more needlepointed adj knifelike, cutting acute pointed stinging keen salient fine tapering barbed jagged peaked prickly serrated spiked thorny aciculate acuminate cuspate cuspidate pointy razor-sharp sharpened spiny acuate acuminous apical briery edged ground fine honed horned keen-edged knife-edged needle-pointed needlelike pronged sharp-edged spiky splintery tapered tined tipped unblunted whetted Antonyms for more needlepointed […]

  • Beating

    Synonyms for beating noun thrashing drubbing whipping slaughter defeat annihilation bashing rout trouncing shellacking Antonyms for beating victory win triumph

  • Gives an affidavit

    Synonyms for gives an affidavit verb give assurance back corroborate vow sponsor witness guarantee contend uphold prove verify support certify testify maintain warrant predicate avow okay avert assert affirm substantiate confirm assure asseverate profess declare answer for cosign act as a witness attest to be responsible for bear testimony get behind give an affidavit put […]