• gheti

    knock-off yeti cups, as found at warehouse and dollar stores. my boss is so cheap, he bought us gheti cups for christmas.

  • grayson handlin

    a f*ck noodle that mixes c*ke wit life savers that grayson handling is a monk nugget

  • phrubbing

    the act of a male rubbing his p*n*s on his phone in an extremely h*rny mood. commonly performed while watching p*rn during a masturbation session. johnny: why is tim’s phone so sticky? terry: apparently he’s been phrubbing it constantly.

  • keisy

    a male or female who rocks at everything but doesn’t want to admit it. usually likes something no one else does and wants all the attention. is amazing in evey single way but is humble! keisy can draw but says she’s mediocre.

  • ibnat

    a russian acrobat from ibistan, holgaville russia known for having long hair and always losing hair bands for no reason a nice person who has to much faith in people. hey ibnat, aren’t you te one from holgaville

  • Diabetes The Clown

    the original mascot for mcdonalds. guy 1: where’s ronald mcdonald? guy 2: he backed out, so we hired diabetes the clown.

  • blee dat

    to give complete and absolute agreement to a statement or question. it may also serve as an affirmative answer to a question. lsu was the only 2003 national champion in college football. you best blee dat. hey, clean, are you going to take down some racist knuckleheads? mr. clean: “blee dat.” 2 more definitions 1. […]

  • Dinujan

    -adjective. 1. a word in which describes the physical nature of a person that has a lot of hair, whether it be pubic or facial but does not have too much hair on the scalp area. when someone is called a dinujan, it is also known that this person would have an animal like nature […]

  • shankopotomous

    a hippo that shanks people; also see sk*nky hippo or stacie wood. that is one shankopotomous that you don’t wanna mess with. boo ya.

  • lolwhut

    expressing laughter and disbelief or confusion at the same time person one: i just ate a rotten peach. person two: lolwhut? 1. a quote said when easily amused by a question you did not understand, or was not paying attention to when asked. 2. said randomly to confuse others. 1. a: did you do the […]

  • More ungrown

    Synonyms for more ungrown adj young, new, blooming grassy lush raw tender fresh verdant leafy maturing supple unripe juvenile infant growing budding recent immature flourishing callow pliable puerile unseasoned youthful burgeoning developing sprouting foliate pullulating bosky half-formed undecayed undried unfledged ungrown verduous Antonyms for more ungrown healthy experienced dying adult mature shrinking withered expert skilled […]

  • Intercourse

    Synonyms for intercourse noun sexual act intimacy copulation fornication sex carnal knowledge sexual relations coitus coition relations love-making Antonyms for intercourse miscommunication Synonyms noun communication; business exchange give-and-take correspondence commerce converse mesh trade dealings connection contact traffic association communion teamwork interchange intercommunication transactions networking team play Antonyms antagonism disagreement division miscommunication

  • Most cured

    Synonyms for most cured adj improved in health improving well recovering mending convalescent cured fitter progressing fully recovered healthier less ill more healthy on the comeback trail on the mend on the road to recovery out of the woods over the hump stronger Antonyms for most cured worse smaller sicker unhealthy littler tinier more ill […]

  • Most recreational

    Synonyms for most recreational adj relating to sports competitive sporting team recreational contesting exercise-related Antonyms for most recreational unathletic

  • Chafings

    Synonyms for chafings noun scraping or wearing down by friction scratching erosion grating rubbing chafing abrading scuffing Synonyms noun rubbing agitation erosion resistance irritation rasping soreness grinding traction abrasion grating attrition massage scraping filing chafing fretting trituration wearing away Antonyms agreement harmony peace

  • At a later time

    Synonyms for at a later time adv following a time, event after behind eventually late later next soon subsequently then thereafter ultimately latterly a while later another time by and by ensuingly in a while intra on the next day post hoc thereon Antonyms for at a later time beforehand

  • Good manners

    Synonyms for good manners noun social graces courtesy etiquette formality respect mannerliness politeness graciousness respectfulness Antonyms for good manners bad manners discourtesy rudeness

  • Layperson

    Synonyms for layperson noun amateur person, not trained in religious or other profession dilettante outsider proselyte secular novice recruit believer member follower neophyte laic nonprofessional parishioner Antonyms for layperson professional priest minister ordained reverend Usage Notes See -person.

  • Fixed

    Synonyms for fixed adj permanent, steady established locked immovable hooked tight rigid settled firm set secure quiet fast located stable still situated rooted immobile solid steadfast stiff tenacious nailed attached anchored hitched immotile made fast Antonyms for fixed unstable indefinite undecided movable agitated changeable impermanent unsteady irresolute variable flexible loose soft moving unfixed insecure broken […]

  • Links up

    Synonyms for links up verb land on the waterfront berth tie up moor rendezvous anchor join unite hook up drop anchor link up put in Antonyms for links up set sail divide separate ship out Synonyms verb trade swap shuffle barter replace seesaw commute correspond market interchange network transfer invert alternate reciprocate flip-flop substitute shuttle […]

  • Grave sins

    Synonyms for grave sins noun deadly sin mortal sin carnal sin grave sin unpardonable sin unutterable sin

  • Being promoted

    Synonyms for being promoted verb progress in business advance progress prosper succeed flourish thrive get on be elevated be promoted better oneself climb the ladder get somewhere go places work one’s way up Antonyms for being promoted languish decrease lessen recede slump regress comply cooperate give in decline fail lose descend lower drop fall go […]

  • Learnt through

    Synonyms for learnt through verb get word from communicate hear receive be informed learn through

  • Stabilize

    Synonyms for stabilize verb make or keep in steady state; make resistant to change preserve secure fix steady maintain sustain balance firm stiffen set counterbalance buttress counterpoise support poise freeze settle bolt equalize uphold fasten ossify brace prop ballast firm up stabilitate Antonyms for stabilize destroy ignore liquefy loosen soften let down weaken release unlock […]

  • De predating

    Synonyms for de predating verb plunder attack despoil loot maraud pillage raid ransack ravage sack spoliate Synonyms verb ravish; take away beauty defile harm mar force spoil desecrate ravish ruin seduce ravage despoil assault devour have outrage molest violate possess depredate deflorate Antonyms honor sanctify aid assist improve grow construct protect help disenchant turn off […]

  • General voices

    Synonyms for general voices noun public opinion unison general voice one accord popular belief popular opinion popular sentiment single voice vox pop

  • Tug of war

    Synonyms for tug of war noun major struggle contest of strength tractor pull

  • More submarine

    Synonyms for more submarine adj extending very far, usually down wide rooted profound far broad deep-seated buried underground low abysmal below beneath bottomless distant immersed inmost subterranean unfathomable abyssal submarine yawning downreaching fathomless subaqueous submerged sunk Antonyms for more submarine restricted frivolous ignorant superficial trivial unintelligent aboveboard artless flighty pale narrow shallow open light quiet […]

  • More irrebuttable

    Synonyms for more irrebuttable adj beyond question undeniable ironclad unassailable indisputable accurate certain evident final incontrovertible indubitable invincible irresistible obvious positive set sure unimpeachable unquestionable inarguable incontestable apodictic can bet on it double-checked irrebuttable irrefragable nof ifs ands or buts odds-on proven unanswerable Antonyms for more irrebuttable disputable indefinite questionable uncertain doubtful dubious refutable

  • Expensive

    Synonyms for expensive adj high-priced costly fancy high lavish valuable extravagant dear excessive exorbitant highway robbery holdup immoderate inordinate invaluable out of sight plush posh rich ritzy steep stiff unreasonable sky-high swank overpriced pricey upscale an arm and a leg at a premium big-ticket pretty penny too high uneconomical Antonyms for expensive worthless unimportant inexpensive […]

  • Slipover

    Synonyms for slipover noun shirt for woman shell turtleneck bodice pullover T-shirt middy V-neck bodysuit

  • Eventually

    Synonyms for eventually adv in the course of time someday ultimately sooner or later finally yet hereafter sometime one day after all at last at the end of the day in future in the end in the long run when all is said and done Antonyms for eventually never

  • Am quiescent

    Synonyms for am quiescent verb move very slowly hang crawl creep shuffle procrastinate traipse poke linger lag sag tarry delay dawdle stagnate loiter inch straggle dally shamble mark time put off be delayed be quiescent encounter difficulty lag behind limp along slow down trail behind Antonyms for am quiescent complete hurry hasten speed advance finish […]

  • Unmatchable

    Synonyms for unmatchable adj superlative transcendent inimitable unparalleled unmatched exceptional excellent ideal matchless paramount peerless perfect preeminent sovereign superior supreme towering ultimate unsurpassable beyond compare second to none surpassing unequalled unrivalled Antonyms for unmatchable lowly inferior ordinary common poor unimpressive Synonyms adj most important; superior renowned dominant outstanding peerless transcendent ultimate main predominant distinguished capital […]

  • Be requisite

    Synonyms for be requisite verb be necessary, proper befit suit beseem be expected be fitting be incumbent upon be needful be required be right owe it to be one’s obligation