• microphallaphobia

    fear of small p*n*ses she abruptly left her one night stand after uncovering the tiny d*ck. she has some serious microphallaphobia.

  • antonija

    antonija is a smart, funny and pretty girl. she is ambitious and has a lot of friends. she will do anything for person she cares for. if you ever need help be sure that antonija is going to help you. she often steals hearts. one of the prettiest thing on her are beautiful, large eyes. […]

  • dakoreion

    daddy asl cant get replaced by anyone and he is a straight savage bro you are such a dakoreion

  • alaskan pop fly

    the act of slapping a woman in the face with your p*n*s and knocking her wig off. ” dat boys d*ck was so big!! i wanted him to give me an alaskan pop fly “

  • lifty’d

    the act of stealing something, usually from a close friend or roommate. “hey guys check it out! i just lifty’d this $40 from my roommate earlier today while he was at work!”

  • PMGO

    party must go on life is a roller coaster but the party must go on. pmgo ‘man i can’t seem to pull it together today’ pmgo. puke my guts out. “did you see that cat eating that squirrel?” “yeah – pmgo!”

  • Teen bill of rights

    a bill that asfar is trying to get p*sses that will give teen the same rights as any other age grupe. some of the rights are the right to have s*x with anyone 13 and up, the right to carry guns if teens carried guns columbine would have had a different outcome, to make contracts, […]

  • Road Chow

    the act of eating out a girl while she is driving. yo, my girl wanted road chow on our way home so i plopped her leg up on the dash and chowed down

  • dick binging

    when a h*m*s*xual male or straight female go out one night with only one intention which would be sucking d*ck (and multiple in one night) im kind of scared going out with “brittany”, shes going d*ck binging!

  • Dusty Pepper

    an old, flat tasting dr pepper. throw away the dusty peppers.

  • Pay the bill

    Synonyms for pay the bill verb pay for finance redeem bear the cost bear the expense pick up the check pick up the tab pop for spring for

  • Most unabating

    Synonyms for most unabating adj incessant, never-ending lifelong continuous continuing habitual recurrent protracted persistent sustained deep-rooted deep-seated continual constant incurable lingering abiding ceaseless confirmed enduring fixed inborn inbred ingrained inveterate lasting long-standing obstinate perennial prolonged rooted routine settled stubborn tenacious unmitigated unyielding usual ineradicable long-lived recurring ever-present persisting unabating Antonyms for most unabating temporary halting […]

  • Tripping over

    Synonyms for tripping over noun accidental discovery happenstance fluke break blessing luck good luck lucky break dumb luck happy chance stumbling upon Antonyms for tripping over bad luck misfortune bad fortune Synonyms verb discover, find out understand see hear gain determine unearth detect tumble gather ascertain uncover discern catch on dig up smoke out stumble […]

  • Bigmouth

    Synonyms for bigmouth noun a loudmouth blowhard boaster brag braggart gossiper know-it-all windbag bragger swelled head bag of wind big talker blusterer bull artist bull-thrower gasbag grandstander show-off trumpeter

  • Charmingly

    Synonyms for charmingly adv willingly, assenting; pleasantly; in keeping appropriately cheerfully favorably happily kindly mutually obligingly peacefully politely satisfactorily sympathetically well wonderfully affably affirmatively amiably amicably benevolently convivially genially good-humoredly good-naturedly graciously pleasingly Antonyms for charmingly unwillingly dissenting unpleasantly Synonyms adv in an attractive or pleasing manner handsomely gracefully splendidly wonderfully magnificently excellently prettily gorgeously […]

  • Thick and fast

    Synonyms for thick and fast adv commonly, repeatedly regularly again and again often generally intermittently usually periodically at times customarily every now and then much ordinarily habitually many times time and again oftentimes ofttimes oft as a rule at regular intervals at short intervals by ordinary in many instances in quick succession many a time […]

  • Icing out

    Synonyms for icing out verb officially forbid prohibit bar halt prevent suppress outlaw restrict exclude proscribe inhibit curse blackball disallow interdict enjoin banish pass by shut out illegalize close down close up declare illegal ice out pass up Antonyms for icing out permit release include welcome allow push let go admit Synonyms verb ban; refrain […]

  • Most acetose

    Synonyms for most acetose adj bitter, sour acerbic dry piquant sharp tart acerb acetose Antonyms for most acetose kind sugary sweet nice Synonyms adj bad-tasting; gone bad sharp acid acrid biting pungent caustic briny musty peppery unpleasant salty piquant acidic rancid bitter dry astringent stinging keen bad cutting green tart acetic unripe unsavory unwholesome acerb […]

  • Adding zip

    Synonyms for adding zip verb add seasoning infuse lace spice season impart ginger leaven salt imbue pep up pepper add zing add zip hot it up

  • Foreign agent

    Synonyms for foreign agent noun person who secretly finds out about another’s business detective secret agent investigator agent informer mole operative lookout sleuth plant patrol snoop observer spook watcher scout picket emissary double agent secret service undercover agent spotter sleeper espionage agent inside agent intelligencer

  • Industrial actions

    Synonyms for industrial actions noun work stoppage blue flu slowdown strike tie-up industrial action sick-in stickout walkout

  • A rushes

    noun great happiness, excitement Synonyms for a rushes noun great happiness, excitement elation joy hilarity euphoria gladness gaiety sprightliness uplift cheerfulness stimulation liveliness animation elevation excitation exaltation quickening delight inspiration joyfulness gleefulness mirth high spirits electrification vitalization invigoration vivacity vivification firing galvanization a rush enlivenment head rush Antonyms for a rushes sadness sorrow woe agitation […]

  • Mucked around

    Synonyms for mucked around verb play at; tinker trifle play monkey dilly-dally idle dally horse around kid around mess around play around amuse oneself with be amateur fiddle with flirt with monkey around muck around not be serious play games with toy with trifle with work superficially Antonyms for mucked around take seriously Synonyms verb […]

  • Differentiae

    Synonyms for differentiae noun typical feature, trait style essence tendency nature attribute component peculiarity virtue aspect temperament tone flavor quality symptom personality streak bearing individuality bent point frame thing endowment particularity mood cast trademark mark originality complexion badge inclination caliber specialty stripe disposition faculty singularity earmark bag idiosyncrasy mannerism turn distinction property tinge essential affection […]

  • Precipitously

    Synonyms for precipitously adv brashly headlong boldly carelessly excitedly fiercely foolishly hastily impetuously imprudently impulsively indiscreetly madly passionately recklessly speedily unwisely wildly abruptly frantically furiously daringly expeditiously feverishly headily headstrongly heedlessly hurriedly ill-advisedly inadvisedly incautiously indomitably irresponsibly precipitantly precipitately thoughtlessly unpreparedly unthinkingly unwarily Synonyms adv short suddenly unexpectedly all of a sudden unanticipatedly

  • Probating

    Synonyms for probating verb give, bequeath to another devise transfer confer leave legate bequest disinherit cut off probate disherit pass on Antonyms for probating hold keep neglect pass receive

  • Big store

    Synonyms for big store noun gambling establishment club house dive joint track saloon hall bank clubhouse roadhouse rotunda honky-tonk Monte Carlo betting house dance hall dice joint gambling den pool hall

  • Spinning machines

    Synonyms for spinning machines noun machine for spinning yarn bobbin and fly frame jenny mule mule-jenny spinning jenny spinning machine spinning reel spinning wheel

  • Frou frous

    Synonyms for frou frous noun decoration flower art treasure jewel trinket accessory adornment embroidery knickknack bauble embellishment pride gewgaw doodad frill design gimcrack garnish honor trimming beautification gingerbread frou frou Antonyms for frou frous disgrace plainness

  • Grouchy

    Synonyms for grouchy adj complaining, irritable crusty cantankerous testy petulant surly grumpy irascible cross discontented grumbling ill-tempered peevish querulous snappy sulky Antonyms for grouchy cheerful pleasant good-natured content pleased satisfied happy nice complimentary praising

  • Is blessed

    Synonyms for is blessed verb have the benefit or use of use own boast experience maintain have retain hold process occupy command possess be blessed be favored reap the benefits Antonyms for is blessed lack need desert release detest dislike hate lose let go want

  • Most unpretending

    Synonyms for most unpretending adj shy prudent simple humble quiet unassuming moderate bashful blushing chaste coy demure diffident discreet lowly meek nice proper reserved resigned reticent retiring seemly self-conscious sheepish silent temperate timid unobtrusive unpretentious self-effacing unassertive unassured unboastful unpresuming unpretending withdrawing Antonyms for most unpretending complicated intricate brave arrogant conceited courageous egotistical self-confident unabashed […]

  • Speeding up

    Synonyms for speeding up noun increasing speed, timing expedition quickening dispatch stimulation hurrying spurring hastening stepping up Antonyms for speeding up deferral hindrance retardation slowing deceleration slowing down Synonyms verb increase speed, timing advance step up further hasten spur stimulate expedite quicken tool drive gun impel forward dust precipitate railroad hurry roll open up rev […]

  • Give job to

    Synonyms for give job to verb commission for responsibility, use appoint engage obtain enlist employ bring in draft rent promise pick retain select lease authorize charter pledge empower procure utilize occupy exploit book place delegate carry let secure put on take on ink sublet sublease add to payroll bring on board contract for fill a […]

  • More worked up

    Synonyms for more worked up adj in a panic agitated anxious berserk bothered crazed delirious demented distraught distressed frantic frenetic hysterical insane mad overwrought raving unbalanced unhinged upset carried away rattled shook up very upset worked-up out of one’s mind out of one’s wit Synonyms adj impatient, prejudiced biased dictatorial fanatical bigoted disdainful racist fractious […]