• dolphin teef

    when you got itty bitty teef. look at that n-gg- puffy wit dem itty bitty -ss dolphin teef.

  • get that gram

    taking a photo (or lots of photos) for the sole purpose of posting it later on instagram. *in the far distance a group of girls are posing for a camera* “get that gram girls!!”

  • dan+shay

    dan+shay are a country duo made up of dan smyers and shay mooney. they are criminally lesser known and underrated. they have great songs and incredible voices. their most popular songs are “nothin’ like you”, “from the ground up”, “19 you+me”, and “how not to”. i just listened to “from the ground up” by dan+shay. […]

  • yaboobe

    one that is in the process of drawing attention to one’s self or has done something that had risen a remark out of another oh i see, taking the window seat, you f-cking yab–be

  • ella louise

    a really funny , and rich friend. whenever you will feel down, she will always be there. everyone finds her as an amazing and caring person. omg. ella louise is so funny!

  • jumped vagina

    the dangerous pointy sharp tip of a p-n-s is getting inserted into your v-g-n- as s-xual -ssault feeling : a tiger tearing a deer up dude , i have a jumped v-g-n-. kevin g’s p-n-s is reallly rough…

  • Spriggs

    a simple girl who drinks far too much alcohol, but still is s-xy because she has a pretty face kim, the new co-worker is quite spriggs. a small quant-ty usually describing something or someone else. may i borrow a sprigg of your toothpaste? i seem to be running low. not to be used as, “you […]

  • Deone

    beautiful, charismatic. a true friend who’s smile lights up the room always. deone is someone you can always count on to be there for you, no matter what. lucky in life, and love, she is someone everyone loves to be around. that girl is such a deone!

  • Dookiedeker

    noun a person that has a fear of sh-tt-ng in a public washroom with someone else there, so they feign urinating until the other(s) leave. they then rush to a stall to do their business. from dookie, a sh-t or t-rd, and deke, a sports term to psyche-out someone. here are 3 types of dookiedekers: […]

  • metafiction

    1.tall tales 2.self-help books for writers. example 1: you gonna write one of your metafiction blog posts about how last night with that girl turned out? too bad she ditched you. n-body on the internet has to know that though. example 2: wow, i really enjoyed a heartbreaking work of staggering genius. i think i […]

  • Endearment

    Synonyms for endearment noun attachment love affection fondness Antonyms for endearment dislike hate hatred Concept Thesaurus for word endearment 1. Social Affections Synonyms – noun endearment épanchement caressing. buss amorous glances. addresses caterwauling. coquetry. love token honeymoon caress fondling embrace smack courtship the soft impeachment flirting true lover’s knot love letter Strephon and Chloe. blandishment […]

  • Stylings

    Synonyms for stylings noun management conduct administration supervision treatment manipulation approach care direction charge running superintendence styling Antonyms for stylings mismanagement Synonyms noun group of words; way of speaking saying remark slogan utterance phrasing idiom motto expression terminology wording byword diction locution maxim catchword tag watchword verbiage shibboleth verbalism parlance phraseology catchphrase styling wordage Antonyms […]

  • In combustible

    Synonyms for in combustible adj resistant to burning concrete asbestos fire-resistant incombustible noncandescent noncombustible nonflammable noninflammable Antonyms for in combustible waterproof

  • In the matter of

    Synonyms for in the matter of prep having to do with respecting regarding touching about apropos of anent as regards germane to in regard to pertaining to re relating to relevant to with reference to with regard to

  • Dis composure

    Synonyms for dis composure noun agitation perturbation abashment confusion embarrassment uneasiness discomfiture disorder discombobulation distraction Antonyms for dis composure order organization method system Synonyms noun shaking, mixing unrest turmoil disturbance upheaval turbulence tizzy commotion stirring discomposure churning rocking tossing Antonyms calm tranquility harmony peace order Synonyms noun personal interest, concern responsibility load encumbrance distress foreboding […]

  • Most defendable

    Synonyms for most defendable adj tenable defensible conceivable imaginable believable credible feasible rational reasonable supportable viable workable able to hold water assertable defendable maintainable sustainable Antonyms for most defendable unimaginable unthinkable untenable certain Synonyms adj justifiable plausible logical valid permissible tenable excusable fit pardonable proper condonable defendable vindicable warrantable Antonyms improbable unbelievable unlikely irrational indefensible […]

  • Re sorting

    Synonyms for re sorting verb have recourse to; make use of repair use run recur devote try visit haunt direct utilize employ turn frequent affect address go apply exercise bring into play take up avail oneself of benefit by fall back on go to head for look to make use of put to use recur […]

  • Handsomely

    Synonyms for handsomely adv abundantly richly lavishly amply generously nobly liberally bountifully magnanimously munificently plentifully Antonyms for handsomely poorly insignificantly

  • Triumphed over

    Synonyms for triumphed over verb defeat; gain advantage beat trounce outclass outshine conquer surpass blank outdo knock off overcome transcend exceed lick deck outstrip tan total prevail whip cream bulldoze floor top excel better master lambaste wax trash wallop blast wipe zap waste drub clobber thrash triumph beat up put away shut down take down […]

  • Crosses one’s heart

    Synonyms for crosses one’s heart verb state; profess confess affirm avouch acknowledge grant concede proclaim assert admit swear allow aver maintain declare own up swear on bible swear up and down cross one’s heart Antonyms for crosses one’s heart conceal deny disavow hide repudiate veto ignore refuse contradict condemn dispute dissent reject censure disclaim disown […]

  • Most sermonic

    Synonyms for most sermonic adj educational academic advisory expository homiletic instructive moral moralizing pedagogic pedantic preachy edifying enlightening donnish exhortative hortative preceptive schoolmasterist sermonic sermonizing teacherish teacherly teachy Synonyms adj persuasive didactic disciplinary expository instructional instructive moralizing preaching teaching admonitory edifying disquisitional doctrinal sermonic sermonizing

  • Laxity

    Synonyms for laxity noun looseness indifference indecision leniency laxness indulgence Concept Thesaurus for word laxity Synonyms – noun laxity toleration (lenity) relaxation brutum fulmen insubordination (disobedience) [Deprivation of power] dethronement laxness freedom loosening misrule lynch law (illegality) deposition looseness anarchy remission license nihilism unsurpation slackness interregnum dead letter licentiousness reign of violence. abdication. Synonyms – […]

  • Most anachronous

    Synonyms for most anachronous adj old-fashioned antiquated antique archaic behind the times dated dusty moth-eaten musty obsolete old out outmoded passé square tired unfashionable vintage anachronous back number démodé has-been not with it old-hat out-of-style Antonyms for most anachronous current fashionable modern up-to-date new popular Synonyms adj old-fashioned old out-of-date obsolete archaic antiquated outmoded antique […]

  • De ciphered

    Synonyms for de ciphered verb figure out, understand analyze elucidate decode deduce unravel solve translate interpret expound render disentangle read explain spell reveal break cipher unfold crack construe bring out make out break down encipher dope out find the key make clear puzzle out unriddle Antonyms for de ciphered conceal suppress obscure hide mend encode […]

  • War between the states

    Synonyms for War Between the States noun american civil war Civil War

  • Hath ambition

    Synonyms for hath ambition verb desire wish require prefer crave choose need fancy hunger covet pine hanker lust yearn long aspire ache thirst be greedy could do with desiderate feel a need have a passion for have a yen for have ambition have an urge for have eyes for incline toward itch for spoil for […]

  • Dead centers

    Synonyms for dead centers noun center of a target center target butt omphalos dead center direct hit hole in one home run quintain Usage Notes Although sometimes condemned for alleged illogicality, the phrases center about and center around have appeared in edited writing for more than a century to express the sense of gathering or […]

  • Counter jumpers

    Synonyms for counter jumpers noun assistant cashier auditor worker agent bookkeeper operator salesperson employee secretary seller registrar notary pencil pusher receptionist teller transcriber stenographer amanuensis counterperson recorder copyist counter jumper office helper paper pusher paper shuffler pen pusher shopperson white collar

  • Convict

    Synonyms for convict noun criminal prisoner captive felon malefactor culprit loser con jailbird repeater long-termer Antonyms for convict victim Synonyms verb find guilty imprison condemn sentence frame adjudge attaint rap doom put away bring to justice declare guilty pass sentence on pronounce guilty put the screws to send up the river send up throw the […]

  • More commiserating

    Synonyms for more commiserating adj concerned, feeling affectionate warm compassionate sensitive thoughtful interested responsive supportive loving benign considerate kind kindhearted kindly soft softhearted tender understanding vicarious warmhearted benignant pitying caring all heart appreciating commiserating comprehending condoling having heart in right place sympathizing Antonyms for more commiserating uncaring unfeeling indifferent callous merciless unconcerned unsympathetic unfriendly unsociable […]

  • More shielded

    Synonyms for more shielded adj secluded sheltered reclusive restricted confined hidden withdrawn recluse insulated shielded sequestered cloistral hermitic secluse seclusive shut off Antonyms for more shielded seen free open unsecluded Synonyms adj protected sacrosanct dedicated defended guarded immune inviolable invulnerable secure untouchable inviolate shielded Antonyms irreligious lay profane unprotected vulnerable ungodly unholy unsacred open Synonyms […]

  • Swept under rug

    Synonyms for swept under rug verb hide stow stash plant cache secure shroud conceal veil screen whitewash cover stonewall withhold disguise paper deposit seclude ensconce harbor ditch bury finesse squirrel palm cover up hide out keep quiet keep secret keep to oneself keep under wraps stash away sweep under rug Antonyms for swept under rug […]

  • Joining forces against

    Synonyms for joining forces against verb combine against overwhelm join forces against

  • Keep in countenance

    Synonyms for keep in countenance verb assist in breaking law abet collude countenance foster

  • Arrides

    Synonyms for arrides verb make happy; experience happiness satisfy gratify rejoice thrill attract amuse please cheer entertain charm enrapture enchant wow fascinate allure exult glory ravish jubilate slay send content score gladden pleasure divert groove freak out hit the spot knock out turn on arride be the ticket delectate go over big knock dead tickle […]