• slapping the salad

    masturbating person 1: i heard john slapping the salad today person 2: special occasion, probably!

  • greasy grape squeezer

    a derogative term for an italian. this wop is a dirty greasy grape squeezer.

  • shittacular

    something so bad it’s awe inspiring travis’ decision making skills are sh*t-tacular at best used to describe something spectacularly sh*tty. a: wow, my girlfriend of 3 years just broke up with me. b: sorry man, that’s really sh*ttacular. said when you are being sarcastic like take hannah montanna for example that’s f*cking so sh*t-tacular that […]

  • see you in another life

    a way to say goodbye to somebody you don’t expect to see again (in this lifetime). can be used positively, with emphasis on the prospect of seeing them again, albeit in another lifetime. also can be used negatively, with emphasis on the implication that you won’t be seeing them again this lifetime. derived from the […]

  • tax farm

    the world you live in, for now is a tax farm supported by tax slaves the ruling cl*ss knew that if their farm heards free roamed they ate more and produced more meat. so they created the cl*ss system by granting gun rights to white people. creating racial in-equality and division in social cl*sses. but […]

  • Peener Noms

    sucking on a delicious c*ck whilst purring like a cat “last night i was with t and had me some peener noms”

  • keyboard salsa

    that grey/black (depending on how dirty you are) gunk on your keyboard after prolonged use. may also acc*mulate on mice. man i hate my supervisor so much…. i’m gonna give him some keyboard salsa in his coffee

  • Scrapenacity

    the quality of being fond of competing and being tenacious. trait exhibited by those striving to achieve excellence the scr*penacity exhibited by that rep is going to have them winning a lot awards this year.

  • Bum Ass Nigga

    a b*m *ss n*gg*, is a n*gg* with no life who has no intentions on having a life, a b*m, and usually hates on real n*gg*s. krystal wilson is a b*m *ss n*gg*, do you see krystal she is such a b*m *ss n*gg*. pr*nounced: b*m/*ss/nig-uh 1. adj. one who is doing nothing with their […]

  • Get loud mother fux0r

    ‘getting loud’ is what you should be doin’ when obie trice gets on the mic, you mother f*x0r. shady records til i sleep, mother f*x0r!

  • Brave deed

    Synonyms for brave deed noun daring deed bravado valor audacity courage adventurousness venturousness daring action great courage heroic deed overboldness risk-taking Antonyms for brave deed cowardice meekness timidity

  • Deceptive markings

    Synonyms for deceptive markings noun disguise veil mask cloak blind beard front shroud masquerade screen cover paint shade guise mimicry concealment deceit red herring dissimulation smokescreen masking faking coverup deceptive marking false appearance plain brown wrapper protective coloring

  • Righthand persons

    Synonyms for righthand persons noun person who recommends, teaches, or otherwise helps Dutch uncle aide attorney authority backseat driver coach confidant consultant counsel counselor director doctor expert friend guide helper instructor judge kibitzer lawyer mentor monitor partner priest referee teacher tutor buttinski clubhouse lawyer quarterback righthand person second-guesser Synonyms noun helper colleague deputy associate aide […]

  • Coquet

    Synonyms for coquet verb tease fool trifle wanton flirt toy vamp titillate philander dally operate string along gold-dig lead on make eyes at wink at Antonyms for coquet be shy

  • Unfading

    Synonyms for unfading adj without pause; endless constant immortal infinite abiding boundless permanent everlasting immutable unceasing indestructible never-ending unending enduring unremitting continual interminable perennial perpetual timeless relentless lasting ageless always ceaseless continuous deathless forever immemorial imperishable incessant indefinite persistent unbroken undying uninterrupted amaranthine dateless illimitable perdurable continued termless without end Antonyms for unfading changeable inconstant […]

  • Squallier

    Synonyms for squallier adj windy blustery airy gusty stormy blowing fresh blowy blusterous drafty squally Antonyms for squallier peaceful still calm quiet difficult Synonyms adj windy blustery stormy breezy airy hearty robust tempestuous blowy blustering squally Antonyms still calm quiet Synonyms adj stormy; not quiet dry rugged harsh turbulent coarse choppy rasping raging grating husky […]

  • Allegorizes

    Synonyms for allegorizes verb liken, equate correlate relate equal link connect match standardize vie assimilate resemble equate balance approach parallel come up to identify with tie up allegorize approximate to be in the same class as be on a par with bear comparison bring near compete with distinguish between draw parallel hold a candle to […]

  • Bullhorn

    Synonyms for bullhorn noun speaker amplifier megaphone public address system PA system

  • Fictional

    Synonyms for fictional adj fictitious made-up fanciful make-believe imaginary imagined fictive invented pretend fabricated Antonyms for fictional real true

  • Fights over

    Synonyms for fights over verb fight contend defend compete vie withstand traverse scuffle wrangle hassle battle row tilt scrap sock cross attack strike conflict brawl struggle buck duel rival feud repel rumpus quarrel break with gang up on lay out take on altercate fight over knuckle with lay a finger on put on gloves put […]

  • Stops from spreading

    Synonyms for stops from spreading verb confine center restrict limit contain restrain narrow pinpoint stop from spreading Antonyms for stops from spreading release expand free let go

  • Outside of

    Synonyms for outside of adj except for bar aside from discounting excepting excluding apart from but for other than save for short of with the exception of Synonyms prep apart from aside from bar barring beside but except exclusive of save without excepting excluding in addition to other than over and above Synonyms prep other […]

  • Throws lead

    Synonyms for throws lead verb discharge a projectile, often to injure or kill execute murder hit launch fire explode kill hurl blast plug bombard propel fling barrage loose gun pop project bag pump trigger dispatch ignite catapult expel emit zap bring down open fire torpedo drop the hammer let fly let go with open up […]

  • Apprise

    Synonyms for apprise verb tell inform advise notify brief enlighten fill in tip off Antonyms for apprise conceal hide secret

  • Main point

    Synonyms for main point noun indispensable content core profit essence reality crux income basis conclusion determination fiber fundamentals last word loss meat and potatoes name of the game net nitty-gritty nuts and bolts point final decision key point main idea main thing sum and substance whole story what it’s all about Synonyms noun main idea […]

  • Whiteknucklers

    Synonyms for whiteknucklers noun narrow escape cliffhanger near miss close shave close squeeze close thing hairbreadth escape heart stopper narrow escape narrow squeak near go near squeak near thing photofinish squeaker tight squeeze white-knuckler

  • Un hesitatingly

    Synonyms for un hesitatingly adv at once, right away shortly forthwith urgently soon promptly directly rapidly instantly now anon away in a flash instantaneously on the double pronto summarily thereupon tout de suite straight off PDQ at short notice double-time hereupon in a New York minute in a jiffy in nothing flat instanter like now […]

  • Ascendency

    Synonyms for ascendency noun domination glory elevation precedence success prevalence mastery supremacy leadership dominion sovereignty sway paramountcy Antonyms for ascendency subordination failure

  • Duller

    Synonyms for dull adj unintelligent tedious dim slow simple boring stupid dumb sluggish addled shallow low backward besotted brainless daffy daft dense dim-witted half-baked ignorant indolent insensate moronic obtuse scatterbrained stolid thick vacuous wearisome witless doltish feeble-minded imbecilic simple-minded not bright numskulled unintellectual Antonyms for duller exciting interesting intelligent cognizant witty lively vivacious knifelike serrated […]

  • Recycled paper

    Synonyms for recycled paper noun paper for writing stationery notepaper wove paper writing pad

  • Usurer

    Synonyms for usurer noun professional in financial institution broker manager officer financier investor dealer house treasurer capitalist croupier teller money-lender Synonyms noun person who lends money, advises merchant tycoon broker backer speculator entrepreneur banker capitalist operator manipulator money businessperson sponsor Santa Claus fat cat stockbroker moneybags bankroller grubstaker money lender person who writes the checks […]

  • Bal masques

    Synonyms for bal masques noun masquerade ball mask masquerade bal costume bal masque masque

  • Scratched one’s back

    Synonyms for scratched one’s back verb suck up to apple-polish bootlick curry favor flatter toady back-scratch fawn on get on the right side of kiss ass suck up to scratch one’s back Synonyms verb exchange, alternate; equal retaliate repay respond interchange square return barter render retort share correspond trade swap swing requite vacillate reply match […]

  • Mistress of ceremonies

    Synonyms for mistress of ceremonies noun a woman who hosts visitors host lady of the house M.C. emcee mistress of the household toastmistress Synonyms noun formal host moderator host marshal ringmaster emcee MC compere toastmaster

  • Graphical user interface

    Synonyms for graphical user interface noun image portrait symbol figure idol picture portrayal representation likeness ikon graphic image painted image Synonyms noun program that controls display UI command-line interface menu-driven interface