• Dank Turd

    when you take the bombest, most foul smelling dump and the aroma is enough to murder a small village in africa. person 1: woah what’s that smell!? person 2: that’s my dank t*rd bro, you feel?

  • Boyfriend Points

    when the man does something correct and the girl gain respect for him girl: wow you get some boyfriend points for knowing all of that about me when a new boyfriend does whatever he thinks his girlfriend would like, such as following her around. quite like being whipped, but doing so just to get in […]

  • cleeko

    an ignorant f*ck. one with the highest level of ignorance and lowest level of worth demetrius is a f*cking cleeko. all cleekos should pick cotton

  • raheema

    raheema is the best woman in the world. there is no denying this. she is queen. she slays just like bey. how great is queen raheema?

  • Sloppy Joe Fart

    little bit of p**p that shoots out and gets stuck in the b*tt crack. causing sloppy joe buns. the buffet last night gave me sloppy joe farts. sloppy joe farts are the leading cause of sjb

  • Windy Wake-up Call

    waking up someone by p*ssing a bare *ssed breezy gust of excrement-laden gas in their face. “i would have gotten her up with the windy wake-up call, but last time she punched my d*ck.”

  • Sundborg

    perfection at its purest level. every sundborg is like the warmth of that first ray of sunlight on your face in the morning. when walked by a sundborg, you’re life has reached its climax of perfection. you have full-filled your ulitimate goal …. to be happy in life. a person must do everything they can […]

  • dom the phenom

    an amazing awesome girl with tons of looks and charm. dom the phenom is practically perfect in every way

  • ligacrygist duplicity

    a pseudonomous case where problems trials and cases of a dialogue const*tute,turns into more than one person using ligacrygist aspects,against one or more people,now making ligacrygicy double jeopardy or maybe even several jeopardy – hurting others and destroying your on kind…….. ligacrygist duplicity also see the ligacrygist definition

  • Pussy Catcher

    a dog that helps his owner get girls. this term happens in like half the romantic movies out there. rachel: aww look at that doggie! sarah: ugh don’t waist time on him, he only bought that dog as a p*ssy catcher

  • Stands comparison with

    Synonyms for stands comparison with verb meet expectations approach arrive equal extend match reach resemble rival admit of comparison with bear comparison with come near compare with get near measure up to rank with stand comparison with

  • Numbers rackets

    Synonyms for numbers rackets noun gambling with numbers Chinese lottery number lottery numbers numbers game numbers policy numbers racket

  • Proportions

    Synonyms for proportions noun measurements diameter breadth length dimensions area depth range height volume width amount magnitude extent compass scope expanse size Antonyms for proportions unimportance Other adjectives related to proportions arborescent branching commensurate parallel ramous symmetrical arboriform chaste dendriform proportional regular uniform balanced classic equal ramate severe well beautiful coextensive finished ramose shapely zygomorphic […]

  • Adolescence

    Synonyms for adolescence noun state of puberty, preadulthood boyhood juvenility minority spring youth greenness teens girlhood youthfulness pubescence Antonyms for adolescence infancy adulthood Concept Thesaurus for word adolescence 2. RELATIVE TIME; Time with reference to succession Synonyms – noun adolescence adultness maturity prime of life woman pubescence adulthood full age meridian of life adult majority […]

  • Heedfulness

    Synonyms for heedfulness noun attention attentiveness contemplation deliberation assiduity diligence immersion absorption industry mind scrutiny thought application engrossment heed consideration concentration debate study thinking thoughtfulness regardfulness intentness Antonyms for heedfulness disdain disregard indifference laziness lethargy heedlessness negligence thoughtlessness neglect

  • Redesigns

    Synonyms for redesigns verb reconstruct rehabilitate upgrade overhaul restore rebuild refurbish revamp renovate recondition fix up modernize repair rejuvenate fix recreate do up remake redesign recast reassemble make over Antonyms for redesigns destroy ruin hurt break Synonyms verb start over redecorate revamp renovate remodel revise rethink repeat remake redesign do over again

  • Keeping tight rein on

    Synonyms for keeping tight rein on verb repress, restrict control hinder inhibit suppress tame impede contain restrain constrain hamper clog fetter subdue cook abstain check muzzle manacle leash ice shackle tie moderate scrub retard refrain bridle hobble bit hog-tie deny withhold bottle up hold back tie up hold down box in bring to screeching halt […]

  • Going in quest of

    Synonyms for going in quest of verb seek to find something go through hunt look scan explore inspect investigate ransack probe sift scout scour scrutinize comb seek check examine prospect rummage forage grub inquire root study rake beat quest frisk grope pry run down hunt for ferret beat about cast about chase after go in […]

  • Over emphasises

    Synonyms for over emphasises noun overstatement, embellishment falsehood excess fantasy untruth baloney misjudgment misrepresentation fabrication hyperbole caricature fancy pretension aggrandizement coloring boasting stretch magnification romance emphasis embroidery whopper elaboration exaltation jazz extravagance enlargement amplification line hogwash crock rant yarn pretentiousness inflation figure of speech fish story flight of fancy overemphasis overestimation tall story Antonyms for […]

  • Kicking the habit

    Synonyms for kicking the habit verb heal, ease bad situation restore repair relieve rehabilitate mend remedy redress treat alleviate rectify ameliorate correct improve right help palliate doctor attend dose better medicate shake nurse dress kick cold turkey dry out kick the habit make better make healthy make whole minister to quit cold restore to health […]

  • Goes to the wall

    Synonyms for goes to the wall verb lose money break close drop finish end crash fold default terminate dishonor repudiate go under defalcate overdraw be cleaned out be in arrears be ruined be taken to the cleaners become insolvent close down drop a bundle go bankrupt go belly up go broke go bust go into […]

  • Rest assured

    Synonyms for rest assured verb trust, rely on hold consider conclude regard accept admit understand have suppose trust think buy affirm conceive credit deem posit postulate presuppose swallow accredit count on fall for swear by take it attach weight to be certain of be convinced of be credulous be of the opinion give credence to […]

  • Political practice

    Synonyms for political practice noun management, administration power ministry union authority state rule politics law regime control regimentation predominance executive supremacy empire guidance governance regulation superiority sovereignty sway bureaucracy direction jurisdiction restraint regency polity domination influence execution patronage supervision command dominion superintendence Washington statecraft presidency Uncle Sam powers-that-be the feds Antonyms for political practice weakness […]

  • Externally

    Synonyms for externally adv outwardly apparently clearly evidently ostensibly superficially on the face of it seemingly visibly

  • Plant stand

    Synonyms for plant stand noun jardiniere pot vase window box

  • Odyls

    Synonyms for odyls noun magnetic personal charm aura charisma charm magnetism pizzazz sex appeal attractiveness sexiness beguilement bewitchery hypnotic attraction IT mesmerism OD odyl odylic force personal appeal sexual attraction

  • Bolter

    Synonyms for bolter noun person who escapes escapee truant absentee quitter Synonyms noun person escaping from law or other pursuer deserter refugee outcast escapee exile recluse outlaw stray fly-by-night waif transient vagabond derelict truant runaway hermit émigré displaced person runagate evacuee walkout dodger escaper hunted person

  • Exhaled

    Synonyms for exhale verb breathe out breathe give off emit vaporize eject expel emanate respire evaporate discharge issue steam let out Antonyms for exhaled inhale take in hold keep breathe in

  • Harked back to

    Synonyms for harked back to verb go back, turn back come back turn retire repair repeat reconsider reexamine recur reappear rebound revert revisit react recrudesce rotate recoil revolve retreat back up bounce back double back reoccur circle back come again go again hark back to move back reel back reenter retrace steps Antonyms for harked […]

  • Pushed off

    Synonyms for push off/push on verb leave; go to another place beat it continue depart exit fare go hie hit the road journey launch light out pass proceed process pull out quit repair shove off start take off travel wend withdraw get away get lost go away keep going make oneself scarce make progress Antonyms […]

  • Cosmopolitans

    Synonyms for cosmopolitans noun social man city slicker cosmopolitan man-about-town citizen of the world fashionable man man of the world mondain mondaine Synonyms noun sophisticated woman cosmopolitan socialite clubwoman fashionable woman mondaine woman about town Synonyms noun sophisticated man playboy cosmopolitan sophisticate city slicker Corinthian citizen of the world

  • Hauling out

    Synonyms for hauling out verb throwing bait to catch seafood troll trawl angle chum extricate bob cast produce bait net extract find pull out seine bait the hook go fishing haul out cast one’s hook cast one’s net

  • Losing train of thought

    Synonyms for losing train of thought verb digress; get lost veer stray ramble swerve depart err babble shift diverge divagate rave deviate get off the track get sidetracked go astray go off on a tangent lose train of thought talk nonsense lose one’s way Antonyms for losing train of thought stay go direct

  • Is malodorous

    Synonyms for is malodorous verb have an odor stink reek funk whiff stench be malodorous smell to high heaven

  • Play date

    Synonyms for play date noun engagement gig performance date tour date