• vanshi

    generally a woman, so beautiful she is often misunderstood with the goddess aphrodite(the greek goddess of beauty and love). the literal meaning of vanshi is flute, which is metaphorically very accurate, because she is indeed as mellow as a flute in everything be it academics or sports. a girl named vanshi is perhaps the nicest […]

  • kinky trigger

    idk what it means abigail she got mad at me because i don’t know what kinky trigger is.

  • dambra

    name of a person with a very large c*ck and is always ready to f*ck “look at his dambra d*ck

  • fuckoffter

    person you deeply hate, and that person is bad to the bone. my bro ate my ice cream, what a f*cking f*ckoffter

  • ethan aucoin

    a person with dark brown hair he is a ethan aucoin a meme that ethan aucoin is so funny

  • bong whore

    1. a complete pothead 1. man, you are such a bong wh*r* dude

  • multiplitude

    a whole sh*t-ton theres a multiplitude of people who think im a b*tch

  • Izy

    a sl*t b*tch who cheats on others.she always lies and dates everyone. sometimes is down but most of the time a crazy b*tch. a girl who sneaks out all the time for kissing boys and cheating on boyfriends most of izys are mean the most bad*ss m*th*rf*ck*r on the face of this planet. person: who’s […]

  • poon tang prince

    one of the upper ranks in terms of pulling *ss. many have held this accolade, including ashton kootchmaster, hugh heffner, and brad fox. i need to learn how to score from a poon tang prince.

  • hoo-ridah

    a really kick*ss gangstar who performs every stereotype of a thug life e.g. rolling with drugs, guns and other illegal sh*t, committing crimes, doing drive-bys etc. witness the realest, a hoo-ridah when i put the sh*t inside 2pac – ambitionz as a ridah dood 1: ” hey, wh*ssup, heard you did some drive-bys last night…” […]

  • Tip off

    Synonyms for tip off noun tip prompt point whisper prediction inkling warning in pointer information knowledge hint forecast cue dope clue bang news bug word suggestion buzz steer word to the wise inside wire secret information word of advice two cents’ worth Antonyms for tip off ignorance Synonyms verb offer information warn inform apprise notify […]

  • Shies

    Synonyms for shies verb refrain or stay away from; prevent dodge avert sidestep evade fend off bypass escape shun shy jump abstain hide shake circumvent divert eschew deflect obviate elude desist recoil withdraw duck flee shirk ditch skirt skip weave shake off ward off circumlocute fake out give the slip hold off keep clear lay […]

  • Nature lover

    Synonyms for nature lover noun environmentalist conservationist Green Panther activist ecologist green activist nature-lover preservationist

  • Tent city

    Synonyms for tent city noun site for outdoor living encampment tent shed chalet shack tilt shanty lean-to hut cottage caravansary lodge wigwam bivouac campfire campground tepee camping ground log cabin summer home

  • Hajs

    Synonyms for hajs noun person who journeys passenger tourist commuter adventurer migrant sailor pilgrim sightseer tripper drifter gypsy vagabond navigator truant rover wanderer itinerant vagrant tramp gadabout seafarer explorer peddler nomad bum wayfarer hobo excursionist displaced person transmigrant hiker roamer haj trouper barnstormer rambler voyager floater globetrotter journeyer trekker expeditionist jet-setter junketer

  • Closedend investment company

    Synonyms for closedend investment company noun a type of financial institution trust investment trust investment house investment firm holding company closed-end investment company

  • More imposed

    Synonyms for more imposed adj in force prescribed required sanctioned ordained established executed kept pressed constrained charged prevalent imposed exacted enjoined demanded invoked compelled advocated dictated carried out forced upon

  • General

    Synonyms for general adj common, accepted commonplace natural normal generic familiar universal routine humdrum regular accustomed broad ordinary public prevailing conventional customary everyday extensive habitual inclusive popular prevalent run-of-the-mill typical uneventful usual wide widespread wonted matter-of-course Antonyms for general infrequent unusual abnormal eccentric individual specific unknown extraordinary novel peculiar rare uncommon different irregular strange particular […]

  • Piece person

    Synonyms for piece person noun murderer of prominent or important person soldier guerrilla executioner clipper killer gun butcher slayer dropper liquidator enforcer plugger torpedo eliminator gun person hatchet person hit person trigger person Antonyms for piece person victim

  • In the saddle

    Synonyms for in the saddle adj powerful authoritarian authoritative commanding controlling dominant dynamic effective effectual forceful forcible influential mighty potent robust ruling strong supreme weighty in control Synonyms adj strong, effective dominant impressive capable influential forceful persuasive dynamic potent authoritative mighty compelling vigorous robust energetic able almighty authoritarian cogent commanding competent controlling convincing effectual efficacious […]

  • Lookouting

    Synonyms for lookouting verb protect, watch preserve patrol secure oversee defend cover keep observe escort supervise safeguard shield lookout shepherd mind police fend attend bulwark chaperon screen chaperone stonewall tend shelter conduct superintend convoy save baby-sit look after shotgun cover up keep an eye on keep in view keep under surveillance ride shotgun for see […]

  • Exfiltrating

    Synonyms for exfiltrating verb remove something or someone from situation quit depart pull out retire disengage leave eliminate go drop out retreat blow abjure recede secede switch book exit quail vacate recoil detach extract shrink back out bail out bow out check out draw back fall back get off phase out take off pull back […]

  • Flagellate

    Synonyms for flagellate verb whip, lash hit beat flay spank thrash lash tan flog belt beat the living daylights out of tan someone’s hide Antonyms for flagellate lose

  • Bring pressure to bear

    Synonyms for bring pressure to bear verb press for political action urge request push persuade solicit press promote sway pitch influence affect billboard further sell splash thump boost alter spot modify procure induce pressure sweet-talk change plug advance drum bill hype build up hard sell politick campaign for soft-soap exert influence high pressure make a […]

  • More well rounded

    Synonyms for well-rounded adj well-balanced excellent versatile all-around all-round Synonyms adj fully developed curvaceous shapely voluptuous well-built well-shaped

  • Demagogic

    Synonyms for demagogic adj causing trouble, damage subversive inflammatory treacherous provocative dangerous malevolent seditious wicked dissentious rabble-rousing Antonyms for demagogic loyal peacemaking Synonyms adj instigative, angering incendiary intemperate provocative exciting explosive fiery insurgent rabid rebellious revolutionary riotous seditious anarchic incitive inflaming rabble-rousing seditionary Antonyms calming pleasing mitigating placating tranquilizing Synonyms adj deceptive, confusing ambiguous inaccurate […]

  • Plot

    Synonyms for plot noun plan, scheme trick design conspiracy scam maneuver stratagem setup fix cabal machination practice connivance collusion ruse game contrivance frame artifice device complicity intrigue booby trap frame-up conniving covin little game Antonyms for plot ignorance innocence Synonyms noun story line story scenario scene theme design narrative action scheme structure movement development picture […]

  • Over powers

    Synonyms for over powers verb beat; get the upper hand knock out drub subdue smash overwhelm rout trounce blank clobber crush conquer defeat overcome vanquish bulldoze immobilize murder prostrate overthrow reduce trash swamp quell drown wax total subjugate waste bury cream bear down put away take care of shellack whelm torpedo beat down blow away […]

  • Fat mouths

    Synonyms for fat mouths noun person who gossips, tells rumors bigmouth blabbermouth busybody fink gossip informer rat snitch squealer stool pigeon telltale troublemaker windbag rumormonger scandalmonger talebearer taleteller blabberer canary fat mouth tipster whistleblower Synonyms noun reporter announcer informer accuser double-crosser preacher fink stoolie weasel tattletale herald tattler source songbird messenger finger rat adviser blabbermouth […]

  • Chattel

    Synonyms for chattel noun property goods slave gear wares effects capital belongings

  • Incorruptible

    Synonyms for incorruptible adj honest, honorable above suspicion imperishable indestructible just loyal moral perpetual persistent pure reliable straight trustworthy untouchable upright inextinguishable unbribable undestroyable Antonyms for incorruptible corruptible dishonest bad

  • Gave leave

    Synonyms for gave leave verb permit an action authorize oblige recognize support tolerate favor pass release approve accord certify okay license consent indulge endorse brook bear commission admit let stand sanction suffer warrant empower accredit endure hear of be big be game for free up give a blank check give carte blanche give leave give […]

  • More pre eminent

    Synonyms for more pre eminent adj extraordinary fantastic abstract otherworldly supernatural ultimate sublime absolute accomplished boundless consummate entire eternal finished hypothetical ideal incomparable infinite innate intact intellectual intuitive matchless obscure original peerless perfect primordial superior supreme theoretical towering transcendental unique unparalleled whole beyond grasp exceeding pre-eminent surpassing transcending transmundane unequalable unequalled unrivalled Antonyms for more […]

  • Make pregnant

    Synonyms for make pregnant verb make ready to bear, produce impregnate enrich mulch compost propagate inseminate germinate pollinate feed manure fructify fecundate beget breed cover procreate treat dress generate lime make fruitful top-dress Antonyms for make pregnant deplete uncover ignore lay bare Synonyms verb breed, reproduce multiply proliferate inseminate increase impregnate raise engender sire fertilize […]

  • Thaumaturgical

    Synonyms for thaumaturgical adj magic bewitched charismatic clairvoyant diabolic eerie enchanted enchanting entrancing extraordinary fascinating fey fiendish ghostly haunted imaginary magical magnetic marvelous miraculous mysterious mystic mythical occult otherworldly spectral spellbound spooky talismanic thaumaturgic theurgic theurgical uncanny unusual weird wonderful conjuring demoniac ensorcelled entranced necromantic parapsychological runic sorcerous spellbinding spiritualistic telekinetic tranced witching witchlike wizardly