• flannel jockey

    a female lesbian who takes on male mannerisms, also known as a dyk- “dude, jackie is such a flannel jockey!”

  • raisya

    a f-cking wh-r- and sl-t who thinks she is pretty. she is very ugly when she does not put makeup. a person that is likely to backstab her friends. always lies for pride and to bully others. a person that is not trustable. gets in a relationship to get the benefits not true love. i […]

  • trussardi

    a girl who has a big forehead,nice body and,big b-tt big forehead trussardi

  • chinese facelift

    after eating a girls p-ssy till they -rg-sm you come up from between their legs and wipe the juices off your face and then proceed to b-tch slap them with your p-ssy juice covered hand yeah last night i was with julie and i totally gave her a chinese facelift..:

  • devils backbone

    when you’re doing her from behind and you bend her feet all the way to her head so her spine breaks and with the blood you draw a pentagram around her body for the sacrifice of the greater good hey girl, you want to try the devils backbone tonight? sure babe, let’s do it!

  • Authentic Tea Bag

    the act of steeping one’s b-lls in boiling water for over 5 minutes before dipping them in an unsuspecting friend’s face. chuck norris is the only man to ever successfully complete and authentic tea bag

  • hoedemic

    hoe•dem•ic noun 1. a widespread occurrence of hoes in a community at a particular. 2. an infestation of hoes. “my girlfriend is so bothered by the hoedemic in our apartment building, she won’t even let me go to the laundry room by myself!”

  • Jessey Moreau

    an amazingly good looking, s-xually abusing, -rg-smicly talented at seducing womenly male, who is very s-xually active, carries loads of sti’s, has a very large male tool for having s-xual interco-rs- (p-n-s), and can knock out any women during s-x with simply pleasing them. (he is that good…) -orangatang (search google images) – jessey moreau […]

  • Proodge

    an insult. like many insults, it lacks any real meaning and is purely used for the purpose of hateful communication. it is a particularly good insult because often you can use it and the insultee will not know what it means, which will make the moment quietly amusing to you. mike, why the h-ll did […]

  • hood pizza

    a slice of bread or tortilla, whatever can be found that is a product of wheat, spaghetti sauce, and a slice of american or shredded cheddar cheese. martha: oh yeah we went to friendly’s for lunch, it was great, i got the honey bbq chicken melt. jimmy: yeah? well i was broke as sh-t, so […]

  • Diaconate

    Synonyms for diaconate noun ministry of church priesthood conclave first estate ecclesiastics cardinalate pastorate rabbinate clerics prelacy canonicate canonry churchpersons deaconry holy order the cloth the desk the pulpit Synonyms noun clergy ministry ecclesiastics pastorate cardinalate rabbinate canonicate canonry deaconry the cloth the pulpit

  • Killing off

    Synonyms for killing off verb destroy wipe out obliterate annihilate slaughter exterminate execute massacre butcher stamp out commit genocide kill off Antonyms for killing off create build bear Synonyms verb destroy kill terminate slaughter exterminate kill off Antonyms create bear give birth begin initiate start

  • In sobrieties

    Synonyms for in sobrieties noun drunkenness tipsiness crapulence inebriation inebriety intemperance alcoholism intoxication boozing dipsomania Synonyms noun inebriety intoxication tipsiness crapulence insobriety inebriation intemperance alcoholism boozing dipsomania Antonyms abstinence soberness sobriety temperance Synonyms noun drunkenness inebriety insobriety intemperance inebriation intoxication Synonyms noun drunkenness tipsiness crapulence insobriety intoxication inebriety intemperance alcoholism boozing dipsomania Synonyms noun drunkenness […]

  • Gusset

    Synonyms for gusset noun line where two objects are connected joint hem pleat closure coupling tuck union juncture connection suture gore junction bond stitching Antonyms for gusset opening

  • Rolling out red carpet

    Synonyms for rolling out red carpet verb throw a party for someone entertain festival feast lionize treat holiday honor celebrate wine and dine hold reception for make much of roll out the red carpet Antonyms for rolling out red carpet disregard ignore forget neglect Synonyms verb welcome attend acknowledge receive stop hail accost embrace address […]

  • Tengallons

    Synonyms for tengallons noun covering for the head helmet lid straw bucket bonnet sailor fedora headgear skimmer millinery Stetson Panama chapeau bowler boater sombrero topper tam headpiece stove pipe ten-gallon tam o’shanter

  • Remunerate

    Synonyms for remunerate verb compensate, reward vouchsafe accord indemnify grant reimburse award repay redress recompense pay requite post dish out shell out guerdon ante up do business pay off pay up spring for Antonyms for remunerate refuse withhold deny take charge seize

  • Glozes

    Synonyms for glozes verb gloss over; cover up lessen relieve soften soothe disguise whiten allay varnish ease hide sugarcoat assuage mask camouflage mollify white moderate screen veneer exculpate whitewash cloak vindicate lighten excuse qualify dissemble abate diminish veil mitigate minimize condone extenuate cover conceal alleviate temper justify hush up quick fix prettify apologize for gloze […]

  • Jigsawn

    Synonyms for jigsawn verb cut, rip an object rive pull divide injure mangle separate damage snatch break shred split slash crack grab yank rupture sever wrench frazzle rift cleave run rend gash wrest scratch lacerate pluck incise impair slit ribbon seize claw mutilate extract fray sunder jigsaw evulse pull apart Antonyms for jigsawn combine unite […]

  • Had no fight left

    Synonyms for had no fight left verb back off balk renege backtrack take back cancel concede back out admit withdraw abandon pull out back off surrender retreat give in accede acquiesce bow out chicken out cop out demur hold back recant recoil resign submit yield cave in pull back give up back pedal beg off […]

  • Bits and pieces

    Synonyms for bits and pieces adj irregular, sporadic periodic spotty desultory intermittent broken capricious catchy changeable disturbed erratic flickering haphazard hit-or-miss impulsive inconstant interrupted random recurrent restive restless spasmodic unstable variable fluctuating herky-jerky on-again-off-again shifting spastic Antonyms for bits and pieces continual continuous unvarying constant regular even undisturbed Synonyms noun refuse, litter junk trash filth […]

  • Wert obliged

    Synonyms for wert obliged verb be grateful, thankful enjoy welcome acknowledge be appreciative be indebted be obliged flip over freak out on get high on give thanks groove on Antonyms for wert obliged disparage disregard decrease criticize neglect overlook depreciate lose value be critical Synonyms verb ought, should need have be compelled be destined be […]

  • Most efferent

    Synonyms for most efferent adj radiating from a central point deviating divergent eccentric outward radial spiral spreading diffusive diverging efferent Antonyms for most efferent centripetal

  • Am attorney for

    Synonyms for am attorney for verb present image of; symbolize show perform serve produce mean exemplify be exhibit imitate express body betoken equal reproduce typify equate impersonate substitute personify epitomize embody factor copy enact stage put on stand for steward serve as speak for act as act as broker act for act in place of […]

  • Social full dress uniform

    Synonyms for social full dress uniform noun formal uniform regalia court dress dress blues dress whites full-dress uniform social full-dress uniform special full-dress uniform whites

  • Convertible property

    Synonyms for convertible property noun active wealth ready money

  • Grape

    Synonyms for grape noun crop, especially of wine origin generation collection epoch era harvest wine grapes year

  • Legal profession

    Synonyms for legal profession noun legal system tribunal counsel court judiciary bench dock law judgment law court courtroom jurists attorneys solicitors barristers lawyers counselors law practice Antonyms for legal profession advantage aid help

  • Taking in the sights

    Synonyms for taking in the sights verb examine visually stare notice consider read study watch see peer glance view rubberneck gape scan beware goggle mind focus scrutinize ogle mark eye flash tend note gaze behold regard attend inspect spot gawk contemplate observe peep spy glower admire scout survey heed get a load of pore over […]

  • Hustling

    Synonyms for hustling adj fast-moving busy occupied active bustling Antonyms for hustling idle inactive

  • Nothing doing

    Synonyms for nothing doing noun turning away; ignoring rejection snub rebuke reprimand repulse cut slight refusal insult nix denial opposition defeat turndown discouragement check cold shoulder thumbs down brushoff go-by hard time kick in the teeth Antonyms for nothing doing praise compliment inclusion welcome approval Synonyms noun denial, refusal veto elimination repudiation exclusion turndown dismissal […]

  • Am gracious

    Synonyms for am gracious verb put on a happy expression smirk laugh grin beam simper be gracious express friendliness express tenderness look amused look delighted look happy look pleased Antonyms for am gracious glower frown

  • More powder

    Synonyms for more powder adj muted silver in color ashen dingy drab dusky dusty iron lead leaden livid mousy neutral pearly peppery powder sere slate smoky somber stone clouded shaded battleship ash cinereal Dove granite heather oyster silvered silvery Synonyms adj silver dusty drab stone lead slate neutral pearly powder iron dappled shaded clouded ashen […]

  • Odyssey

    Synonyms for odyssey noun journey trek expedition sojourn quest exploration adventure pilgrimage excursion voyage tour trip travels wanderings

  • Birth site

    Synonyms for birth site noun animal breeding area birthplace hatchery breeding place rookery