• ogre the top

    to say something is overdone while making a reference to shrek green is a bit ogre the top, don’t you think?

  • snowderboat

    the act of *j*c*l*t*ng onto a woman’s br**sts, then proceeding to motorboat said woman’s br**sts into your own *j*c*l*t*. i blew a load on her t*ts, then snowderboated her.

  • thcankle

    when the thigh calf and ankle all become one dawn girl u got a thcankle

  • on the ten

    simply the best. similar to 10 out of ten. “thanks for making me dinner, it was on the ten”

  • tender age

    it means ” a young age” i was able to play tennis at the tender age of five.

  • ACI

    *n*s cleaning incident an incident during showering when one cleans his/her *n*s and water penetrates the *ssh*l* accidentally. mike: dude, i had the worse aci today. almost p**ped in the shower. rob: you should have used a low flow shower head to clean your *ss. *n*l cranial inversion: one’s head lodged firmly up into their […]

  • Dustbusta

    the act of j*zzing on an old woman’s breast then blowing the dust of her old v*g*n* peraino gave that old chick the dustbusta

  • Diedrich

    a tragically awesome name cursing it’s owner to die rich{ie: wealthy, prosperous, etc.} it can be used as an adjective describing a tragic person who gains some sort of richness such as money, happiness, etc. which changes his life for the better. this is usually topped off with the realization that he will just die […]

  • dogsie

    wh*r* in oliver twist a dogsie lift her skirt for a few pennies

  • John Bell Hood

    (june 1 or june 29, 1831 – august 30, 1879) was a confederate general during the american civil war. hood had a reputation for bravery and aggressiveness that sometimes bordered on recklessness. arguably one of the best brigade and division commanders in the confederate states army, hood became increasingly ineffective as he was promoted to […]

  • Grain harvesters

    Synonyms for grain harvesters noun harvester binder picker grain harvester reaping machine

  • Inadvisability

    Synonyms for inadvisability noun nonsense, ridiculous idea madness silliness craziness absurdity indiscretion foolishness recklessness idiocy stupidity lunacy inanity fatuity vice unsoundness triviality imprudence imbecility impracticality irrationality senselessness rashness preposterousness daftness obliquity dottiness dumb thing to do dumb trick witlessness Antonyms for inadvisability knowledge wisdom sense care carefulness intelligence judgment seriousness understanding

  • Astound

    Synonyms for astound verb amaze dumbfound bewilder overwhelm stun shock confuse stagger confound startle astonish stupefy surprise flabbergast daze bowl over blow away knock over with feather take aback Antonyms for astound explain enlighten calm clear up clarify expect bore dull

  • Most divulging

    Synonyms for most divulging adj prophetic ambiguous apocalyptic arcane auspicious authoritative cabalistic clairvoyant cryptic dogmatic foreboding imperious mysterious mystical obscure occult ominous peremptory portentous positive prescient sage secret significant vague venerable wise fatidic interpretive mantic sibylline soothsaying vatic Delphian anticipating auguring discovering divining divulging forecasting foretelling portending predicting presaging proclaiming prognosticating prophesying

  • Give one the business

    Synonyms for give one the business verb plague; hem in bedevil perplex besiege beleaguer surround embarrass invade overrun hassle infest encompass ring badger aggress nudge nag pester attack storm strike circle encircle compass assail bug entangle girdle ride dog harass environ harry enclose pick on drive up the wall fall on fall upon give a […]

  • Fad diet

    Synonyms for fad diet noun diet designed for quick weight loss bare subsistence bread and water starvation diet water diet

  • More defining

    Synonyms for more defining adj purporting to depict showing reporting revealing portraying describing mirroring delineating symbolizing characterizing exhibiting interpreting illustrating depicting reproducing defining personifying picturing presenting Antonyms for more defining distorting misrepresentation misrepresenting Synonyms adj critical acute key crucial decisive significant defining Antonyms unimportant

  • Pre cession

    Synonyms for pre cession noun highest in rank; first in order supremacy lead preeminence primary rank priority superiority preference seniority antecedence precedency precession preexistence earliness anteposition prevenience previousness Antonyms for pre cession inferiority last subservience lowest Synonyms noun precedence supremacy preeminence lead primary rank priority superiority preference seniority antecedence right of way precession preexistence earliness […]

  • More namby pamby

    Synonyms for more namby pamby adj bland, dull indecisive banal cowardly enervated feeble flat flavorless ineffective ineffectual insipid irresolute jejune languid listless mediocre namby-pamby spiritless tasteless thin vacillating vapid watered-down watery wavering weak characterless sapless weak-kneed Antonyms for more namby pamby dynamic exciting interesting lively Synonyms adj insipid bland distasteful flat flavorless innocuous jejune mild […]

  • Escalloped

    Synonyms for escalloped verb prepare food, usually using heat poach sear reduce griddle ruin seethe melt barbecue bake imbue blanch scald nuke doctor fix parboil parch microwave simmer percolate fry boil brown sizzle mull burn heat devil stew spoil broil coddle grill toast curry roast brew steep steam scorch escallop braise fricassee decoct pressure-cook french […]

  • Generosity

    Synonyms for generosity noun spirit of giving hospitality kindness unselfishness goodness bounteousness readiness profusion munificence charitableness magnanimity openhandedness beneficence liberality heart benevolence philanthropy bounty altruism charity largesse high-mindedness alms-giving nobleness all heart free giving Antonyms for generosity selfishness greed meanness malevolence unkindness stinginess Other adjectives related to generosity allowable caritative eleemosynary given hospitable munificent sportulary […]

  • Payed off

    Synonyms for payed off verb help, enhance advance pay assist serve favor further aid promote improve avail advantage profit relieve better succor build ameliorate pay off contribute to be good for do for one do the trick fill the bill make a killing make it work for Antonyms for payed off decrease hinder thwart block […]

  • Bat

    Synonyms for bat noun a hit with a solid object sock blow knock thwack bop crack wallop smack swat bang slam rap thump strike whack belt whop Antonyms for bat compliment praise flattery

  • Insensitivities

    Synonyms for insensitivities noun uncaring attitude, lack of interest lethargy indifference passiveness dullness coolness insensibility stoicism listlessness dispassion aloofness detachment coldness unconcern disinterest disregard unresponsiveness heedlessness lassitude insensitivity insouciance emotionlessness passivity halfheartedness Antonyms for insensitivities sensitivity interest care concern feeling passion sympathy warmth Synonyms noun unintelligence, inexperience disregard illiteracy bewilderment incapacity darkness unconsciousness rawness fog […]

  • Once in a blue moon

    Synonyms for once in a blue moon adv scarcely; with difficulty comparatively practically seldom barely simply somewhat rarely just gradually imperceptibly infrequently little only slightly sporadically almost inconceivably almost not by a hair by no means detectably faintly no more than no way not a bit not at all not by much not likely not […]

  • Rabbit earses

    Synonyms for rabbit earses noun appendages for sensing, usually on insects or electronics wire receiver aerial whip ears feelers bird snapper bullwhip rabbit ears sky wire

  • More ambagious

    Synonyms for more ambagious adj going around, indirect tortuous devious rambling meandering labyrinthine back road circular collateral complicated oblique roundabout ambagious by way of long way long way around winding around Antonyms for more ambagious direct straight straightforward in line

  • Intercosmic spaces

    Synonyms for intercosmic spaces noun outer space cosmos outer space celestial spaces cosmic space intercosmic space intergalactic space interplanetary space interstellar space metagalactic space ocean of emptiness the heavens the universe the void the void above region beyond Earth’s solar system Synonyms noun the universe cosmos deep space infinity celestial spaces cosmic space empty space […]

  • Grows into

    Synonyms for grows into verb evolve into come convert incline shift metamorphose mature wax turn out turn into grow into develop into alter to assume form of be converted to be reduced to be reformed be remodeled be transformed into change into come to be emerge as eventually be pass into ripen into Antonyms for […]

  • Outward bound

    Synonyms for outward bound adj leaving retiring last departing former migratory past withdrawing ex- outbound outward-bound Antonyms for outward bound introverted reclusive shy arriving entering incoming

  • Rabblerouses

    Synonyms for rabblerouses verb influence, provoke plot abet prompt initiate bring about incite inflame kindle spur whip up foment urge scheme raise hint actuate needle move insinuate goad impel start encourage persuade plan suggest rouse stimulate egg on turn on work up add fuel fire up make waves put up to rabble-rouse set on steam […]

  • Reels back in

    Synonyms for reels back in verb overpower, defeat enslave conquer force enthrall subdue suppress compel reduce rule tame crush coerce quell triumph overthrow overcome vanquish bear down put down beat down bring to heel bring to knees hold sway keep under thumb kick around reel back in rule over Antonyms for reels back in surrender […]

  • Cannibalistic

    Synonyms for cannibalistic adj man-eating primitive savage anthropophagous

  • Algorithm

    Synonyms for algorithm noun treasure; invention breakthrough design result innovation finding data method conclusion coup godsend process luck machine secret bonanza principle way theorem device formula law find contrivance luck out Antonyms for algorithm loss miss bad fortune

  • Hogwash

    Synonyms for hogwash noun nonsense refuse absurdity bunk baloney hooey foolishness drivel debris rubbish bull balderdash ridiculousness trash rot twaddle poppycock BS hokum horsefeathers Antonyms for hogwash assets possessions property sense truth