• km perform

    a charter school part of kmhs. the school is for “the arts”. which seems cool to people who actually enjoy the arts, but lets face it. the chances of a student attending become a famous artist/writer/actor/singer?? like one in a billion. congrats, you just wasted some of the most important years of your life on […]

  • tursday

    the southern way of saying thursday i went hula dancing on a tursday in texas.

  • tragedy vampire

    an individual who feeds off of the tragic events of others. they gain their power by gathering information about said tragedy from everybody but the person affected. “g-yle came over to my office today to get the deets on phil’s mother’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis. she’s a blatant tragedy vampire.”

  • leg connector

    the p-ssy. the legs are connected at the p-ssy, hence leg connector. she keeps a tight reign on her leg connector.

  • acordian dick

    when you can’t get hard so you only put the tip in, and proceed to push in and pull out, while the tip is stuck inside. thus creating an acordian type movement with the skin. bruh i just got done banging this chick with my acordian d-ck.

  • Webcam Teabag

    a variation on the teabag. with this you swing your b-lls at the webcam for the benefit of the other people in the video chat. the webcam teabag is often done to shock and prank. for example, opening a video chat to discuss the next days economics -ssignment, but then the other person just sees […]

  • the bases

    just remember the 4 f’s kids: 1st base : french (making out) 2nd base : feel (the b–bies) 3rd base : finger (masturbating the other guy/girl) 4th base : f-ck (to get laid!) guy 1: so what did you do with jane last night? guy 2: i got to 2nd base with her. guy 1: […]

  • Didlie

    a interesting and exciting addition to a sentence or adjective helping to express it’s significance. what are you didlie doing?

  • Duvall

    a town in washington state that lies within the cl-ster of cities collectively referred to as “the eastside”. duvall is a bit off the beaten path, and has a tendency to become an island in the winter since the city lies in a floodplain, and has only one main access road. the busier downtown areas […]

  • Wikipedeed

    (v) wikipedee, or (past tense) wikipedeed to look something up on wikipedia.org i needed to do a report on the underground railroad so i wikipedeed it.

  • Fore knew

    Synonyms for fore knew verb prophesy visualize foresee deduce foretell discern infer surmise guess apprehend suppose anticipate conjecture perceive predict see suspect prognosticate understand intuit forebode foreknow previse forefeel go out on a limb see in the cards take a shot take a stab Antonyms for fore knew measure misunderstand disbelieve calculate know neglect overlook […]

  • Obliged

    Synonyms for obliged adj bound obligated indebted forced indentured required pledged tied urged committed bounden compelled enslaved duty-bound contracted called by duty under obligation

  • Kept in mind

    Synonyms for kept in mind verb turn over in one’s mind scrutinize grant recognize study regard examine favor see contemplate acknowledge ponder ruminate scan deliberate inspect muse excogitate reflect reason meditate concede consult cogitate speculate revolve envisage take into account take up look at deal with allow for assent to chew over dream of flirt […]

  • Sate out

    Synonyms for sate out verb hold back from doing quit renounce refrain withhold forgo cease shun forbear decline refuse spurn avoid eschew stop fast abjure curb evade pass constrain abnegate do without pass up starve deny oneself fence-sit give the go by give up go on the wagon keep from sit on the fence sit […]

  • Most bandbox

    Synonyms for most bandbox adj well-groomed, neat rakish stylish dashing spry classy brisk chic chichi clean dainty jaunty natty nice nifty nimble posh prim ritzy sassy sharp showy smart snazzy snug spiffy spruce swanky swell trim swank bandbox doggy dressed to kill dressed to nines nobby spiff turned out well turned out Antonyms for most […]

  • Most fireeating

    Synonyms for most fireeating adj wanting to quarrel opinionated belligerent combative contentious contrary controversial disputatious factious litigious pugnacious quarrelsome salty scrappy touchy fire-eating spiky having a chip on one’s shoulder Antonyms for most fireeating complaisant friendly compromising agreeable Synonyms adj aggressive contentious energetic cantankerous belligerent bellicose antagonistic militant ornery pugnacious quarrelsome strenuous truculent warlike warring […]

  • Cordials

    Synonyms for cordials noun liquor brandy alcoholic beverage cordial intoxicant alcohol booze port spirits cognac aperitif flavored drink Synonyms noun concoction prepared for mental or physical effect elixir cordial tonic mixture libation spirits liquid cup liquor drink dose dram medicine remedy draft brew nip restorative stimulant aromatic draught philter Synonyms noun restorative drink, medicine cordial […]

  • Going over the fence

    Synonyms for going over the fence verb break from belief, faith quit depart pull out renounce abscond revolt withdraw reject abandon desert spurn lapse tergiversate schism leave turn rat apostatize rebel renege go forsake back out break faith go over run out sell out walk out on change sides fall away from go back on […]

  • Equine

    Synonyms for equine noun hoofed mammal horse roan

  • Berating

    Synonyms for berate verb criticize hatefully revile castigate scold chide upbraid rebuke reprimand reproach blister chew jaw censure vituperate rate reprove scorch bawl out chew out rake over the coals tell off call down cuss out eat out give one hell give what for jump all over rail at tongue-lash Antonyms for berating compliment laud […]

  • More grass roots

    Synonyms for more grass roots adj basic, important major paramount integral crucial indispensable constitutional elemental theoretical underlying necessary vital significant radical elementary central principal intrinsic essential structural prime supporting primitive organic bottom primary cardinal key requisite original first axiomatic basal primordial rudimentary constitutive axiological bottom-line foundational grass-roots meat-and-potatoes substratal substrative sustaining underived Antonyms for more […]

  • Ink

    Synonyms for ink verb write signature signature sign engross subscribe pen inscribe endorse handwrite write by hand Antonyms for ink reject Synonyms verb darken blot smudge soil befoul shade deepen cloud begrime ebonize grow dark grow dim make dark Antonyms bleach whiten compliment enhance praise lighten Synonyms noun hot beverage made from beans of a […]

  • Lie obliquely

    Synonyms for lie obliquely verb angle off, slope tilt skew swerve point grade lean direct cant bend decline tip diverge descend deviate beam train bank bevel incline veer level list aim heel splay Antonyms for lie obliquely straighten increase ascend even forget neglect rise go up stay lie leave alone maintain

  • Bunco artists

    Synonyms for bunco artists noun person who pretends to be an expert mountebank faker fake sharp whip counterfeit actor cheat counterfeiter sham humbug phony bum pretender fraud impostor pseudo put-on charlatan con artist shark simulator four-flusher playactor shammer slicker bunco artist flimflammer hoser quacksalver Antonyms for bunco artists reality

  • Going soft

    Synonyms for going soft verb droop; become dull, listless dwindle faint wither deteriorate fail suffer rot weaken despond ebb hunger sigh yearn pine decline brood repine long fade waste sorrow hanker flag snivel desire wilt grieve sicken go to pieces knock out tucker fag be disregarded be neglected conk out die on vine fag out […]

  • Bankruptcy

    Synonyms for bankruptcy noun inability to pay debts loss liquidation disaster insolvency default failure ruination privation nonpayment destitution ruin lack indigence indebtedness repudiation exhaustion Chapter 11 defalcation pauperism overdraft destituteness Antonyms for bankruptcy accomplishment achievement success win richness solvency wealth

  • Aloof

    Synonyms for aloof adj remote haughty standoffish unsympathetic distant detached indifferent unresponsive above apart casual chilly cold cool forbidding hard-boiled lone wolf loner reserved secluded solitary supercilious thick-skinned unapproachable unconcerned unfriendly uninterested unsociable uppity withdrawn incurious offish cold fish hard-hearted laid back on ice putting on airs stuck up Antonyms for aloof friendly kind compassionate […]

  • Bishop’s seats

    Synonyms for bishop’s seats noun large church basilica sanctuary temple house of God house of worship place of worship chancel minster holy place house of prayer bishop’s seat

  • Datum

    Synonyms for datum noun event; detail of action case information accomplishment phenomenon circumstance experience evidence incident factor action performance data affair occurrence truism point being creation entity deed proceeding feature actuality particular construction adventure manifestation consideration episode transaction conception happening specific item act organism fait accompli statistic Antonyms for datum ignorance abstract destruction ruin death […]

  • Being worthless

    Synonyms for being worthless verb corrode, use rub consume dwindle jade tax crumble impair weather decrease gall decline tire decay scrape abrade fade waste shrink deteriorate exhaust erode scuff weary graze fatigue diminish fray chafe drain overwork grind cut down wear out overuse be worthless become threadbare become worn go to seed scrape off use […]

  • Deadends

    Synonyms for deadends verb frustrate, hinder obstruct thwart stonewall foil stall impede crimp mystify prevent cramp stump nonplus defeat pigeonhole confound corner crab shelve balk puzzle block cut off hold up choke off snooker dead-end give the run around hang fire hang up hold off put on back burner put on hold throw a monkey […]

  • Crinosity

    Synonyms for crinosity noun shagginess bristliness hirsuteness downiness fluffiness pubescence pilosity furriness hispidity

  • Flies

    Synonyms for fly verb take to the air, usually employing wings shoot take off float glide drift travel sail reach cross flutter swoop climb circle operate speed rush pilot control dash skim skirt barnstorm jet hop circumnavigate soar maneuver hover dive dart hurry whisk flit mount zoom scud whiz buzz fleet wing zip whoosh aviate […]

  • Sendoffing

    Synonyms for sendoffing interj have a nice trip adieu farewell goodbye Godspeed adios bye-bye cheerio gluckliche Reise happy landing pleasant journey send-off tsetchem leshalom

  • Most rosewater

    Synonyms for most rosewater adj emotional, romantic weepy affectionate mushy idealistic nostalgic dreamy touching silly maudlin corny sweet tender sappy passionate saccharine affected demonstrative dewy-eyed effusive gushing impressionable inane insipid jejune languishing loving overacted pathetic sloppy soapy soft softhearted sugary tearful vapid visionary gushy moonstruck schmaltzy slushy tear-jerking lovey-dovey overemotional rosewater simpering syrupy Antonyms for […]