all the numbers on a keyboard combined to make the numbers 1-30, a sign of complete boredom.
dude! im so bored! 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930

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  • well wrap my d*ck in a blanket

    an expression of surprise and disbelief. similar to “well, i’ll be” or “i’ve seen it all”….. but with more d-ck so, you’re telling me that you are a doctor and a lawyer!? well, wrap my d-ck in a blanket! what a story!

  • hetzon

    hetzon is a b-tch -ss hoe always down for sucking some d-ck “did you hear? hetzon sucked the soul out of mark last night!”

  • b*m grill

    when a ladies front bottom is a little further south than it should be by heck love, i had to get a taxi in the end to find your b-m grill

  • irdek

    it is an abbreviation for i really don’t even know johny: do you wanna go to the movies? tyler: irdek

  • shut up david

    a meme telling one to shut up “hey frank , what was the homework last night”? shut up david

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