the combination of amazing and delicious.
wow, these cookies are amazalicious.

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  • and then i f*cked her up the *ss

    what you say when you’re in the middle of a story and realize no one’s listening. i’m sitting at the dinner table, telling my girlfriends family about how we met. as i’m getting to the funny part, i realize no one’s listening, so i abruptly finish with “and then i f-ck-d her up the -ss!”

  • anxious d*ck

    when you are about to beat the p-ssy up and your partner is just teasing you and the testosterone goes into overdrive and you man handle that person and shove the d-ck in without resentment or any warning. basically abuse the p-ssy samantha was being a b-tch and was teasing me last night and i […]

  • ape mating ritual

    usually a frightening social studies teacher’s way of referring to a couple showing pda. aaron this better not be a weird ape mating ritual.

  • axin me

    a black person says are you asking me yo my n-gg-r are you a axin me a mother f-ck-ng question

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