a big bad *ss motherf*cker. scares most with his don’t take sh*t att*tude. you would rather jack a mountain lion off in a phone booth with c*ckleburs than mess with this person.
don’t move, an aslone is coming.

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  • squot

    to accommodate someone temporarily my friend is (squotting) with me

  • riddem

    jamaican slang for a rythmn jah this riddem bangs

  • theatre hopping

    the act of jumping between movies with only one paid session guy: yo babe you want to go theatre hopping today babe: wtf that against the law guy: well f*ck you too

  • lollipop p*ssy

    when her p*ssy tastes like a lollipop. brrrrr brrr brr. man yo ayyyyy debra got that lollipop p*ssyy.

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