*ssterixis is lack of *ss in a man’s life. it’s when a guy isn’t getting anything and it is deadly. the only cure is 🍑
he has been suffering from *ssterixis for the last two years

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    crusty black sc*m that devours whole pigs by ripping their t**ts off. a zello goes for a big female pig due to the immense attraction to its weight. man, that zello killed my pig! it ripped it’s t**ts off and everything. !!!

  • trap season

    time to hustle, work hard, and get money boy: im so tired of being broke friend: you already know its trap season time to work hard boy: thats a bet

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    filthy sounding slang for a single slim jim eaten by multiple people in sequence. the way you two are p*ssing that slim jim around makes it look like a meat blunt.

  • jaycen

    a quirky guy who is s*xy but doesn’t know it yet, but somehow knows more than jaycen looks good in those jeans

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