a word used to describe a huge -ss.
mick:man look at that -sstrosity!
gorge:i know right, its huge!

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  • avobooty

    a fat -ss, with the good kind of fat, not the cellulite nasty fat, but the good fat. avocados provide good fat. avobooty “don said, “d-mn brah, she has an avobooty” – donhebron

  • arzzle

    augmented reality puzzle the word arzzle comes from augmented reality (ar) and the word puzzle. i was doing an arzzle when she called. although i’ve spent two hours i was not able to complete my arzzle as i had to go to work.

  • triggers*xual

    when you don’t know what your s-xuality is or you’re multiple s-xualities at once. she is bi and pan and ace. she’s triggers-xual.

  • *n*lflatulent*sspain

    the experience of pain when p-ssing gas after -n-l s-x. good lord, it hurts when i fart, last night was rough, i’ve got some serious -n-lflatulent-sspain.

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