a guy who has no friends
bablu has no friends

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  • flerpaherp

    a fl*stered expression that is exclaimed when frightened or scared. my husband screeched flerpaherp as i jumped out of our closet.

  • corrined

    when you date a girl and decide to drop her without saying sh*t. she wonders what happened, but can’t get in touch because she’s been blocked on your phone, social media and completely debted without word. bro i just corrined that b*tch.

  • salmon sac

    when a used condom full of s*m*n is left inside the v*g*n* after the guy pulls out. ted didn’t want his mom to see a used condom in his trash, so he left his lover a salmon sac with mutual consent. a used condom full of s*m*n that is left inside the v*g*n* after pulling […]

  • street waffle

    a piece of p**p on that has been stepped on, smashing it into the imprint of a shoe sole. godd*mnit, i just made a street waffle. my shoes are gonna smell like sh*t all day.

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