Backing Talkwords

switching a word around in a sentence.
example of backing talkwords
i just ate an apple.
i just apple an ate.

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  • pulling a chandler

    to accomplish absolutely nothing in an entire day. man he hasn’t left the couch he’s pulling a chandler

  • chroomax

    an object consisting mostly of pure high quality chrome. the car shines with its chroomax ch*ssis.

  • slam sack

    a slam sack is a body used for f*cking. this usually refers to females, but has come to encomp*ss anyone who fits the description. david: i am heading out to the bar to hopefully find a chick for tonight. kate: are you looking for a girlfriend? david: nah, just looking for a slam sack.

  • high-fived-a-monkey

    when you wipe your *ss and you get sh*t on your hand. dude, gross, it looks like you high-fived-a-monkey in the bathroom.

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