bath of brown

when you sh*t all over somebody else because you hate them

sometimes abbreviated to b.o.b.
bill: did you see that b*tch at the club last night?
john: yeah, i totally gave her a bath of brown!

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  • buist

    when someone is late to work/school for a sh*t reason -where is eddy i need to ask him a question -i think he is pulling a buist

  • fetty slop

    when someone gets c*m in their eye did he fetty slop you last night?

  • felder

    c*ck sucking, *ss crack showing, f*cked up teeth wh*r*. my ex-girlfriend is a felder.

  • pulling a davila

    when someone pulls a davila, they do something extremely fruity/uncomfortable all of a sudden, and then just pretend it never happened. an example of pulling a davila is staring at a man’s crotch and making licking noises and then walking away. darius is often found on campus pulling a davila.

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