“that girl is so biunicorn.”

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  • stone cold ginger

    sincere and s*xy that girl in the movie oculus is a stone cold ginger.

  • philadelphia cutting board

    when you take the truffle b*tter, and pack it onto a cutting board and cut it up into edible pieces. todd and julie are infamous for pulling off a philadelphia cutting board.

  • saggy p*n*s

    where the bottom of a mans c*ck swells up and then saggs down for about 4 days meaning he can’t get laid in this time. john had a saggy p*n*s after running 800 metres.

  • parla

    a dark soul bound to the deepest caves in h*ll. an evil spirit determined to rule over the entire galaxy. a dark, evil heartless monster who just doesn’t give a sh*t. or a small chicken woah! she is such a parla, guuurl you better be carful

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