boobie sandwich

1.when you put your head between a girls b**bs and yell b**bie sandwich
2. a dumb *ss person
omg tyson totally gave me a b**bie sandwich

shut up tiana your such a b**bie sandwich

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  • tusk t*ts

    a pair of young, drooping mammaries that have a distinctive upward curve in the latter portion of the breast. this often accompanied by a distinct tubular appearance (i.e. narrow through the extent of the breast). guy 1: wow, did you see the tusk t*ts on that b*tch? guy 2: thems are some mean tusks.

  • cash your *ss

    when you have to pay for something overpriced you have to cash your *ss for concessions at the movie theatres

  • mammol toe

    a male version of a camel toe. when he hikes his pants up too high that it bunches his junk, creating a repulsive bulge. ball. d*ck. ball pull yo pants down bro! you got some serious mammol toe going on

  • nam scam

    getting ripped of by a vietnamese person oh no! dennis just nam scammed me to be ripped off by someone of vietnamese (more specifically south) descent. alex? he’s a nam scam, he sold me a brick after the phone was blacklisted.

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