booty master

master of all things booty
khayla is the booty master

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  • california deaner

    a s*xual act where you hold a girls legs in the shower and watch a hippo eat a ghost pepper, todd wants to have a california deaner tonight.

  • coming outtage

    the party/event that h*m*s*xual people have when they “come out of the closet” in front of friends and/or family. this weekend i went to michaels coming outtage.

  • tw*t brie

    v*g*n*l secretion, very similar to f*nny batter, except exclusive to french ladies. cécile stayed the night, we had some cracking s*x but it took me several washes to get her tw*t brie off my black bed sheets.

  • hefferweisengirl

    usually a girl that is very fat brown and ugly and likes cheap beer like hefferweizen yo that girl is a hefferweisengirl

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