a girl with a sweet, loving personality and cares for everyone. when she gets a boyfriend she is in the relationship for a long time and loves him with all her heart. when she is single she is bouncin from male to male. she is really attractive and cute; attracts all boys/men and has a bangin body. she also has big b**bs that are irresistible. she usually wears bikinis or sports bras for fun. she has a really flirtatious and proper voice/vibe. dont mistaken her for being to nice because she will cuss and knock you out if you mess with her.
“wow! breiana is hot”
“dam breiana, look at those b**bs”
“breiana will you marry me”

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    a good looking person that is very trust worthy that everyone should be friends with also is very cute and loving and will beatup someone if necessary. omg your being a winslot today, i love it.

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