it is a combination of a b-tt, pee , and poo.
“all you have to do is memorize the secret magic word b-ttpeepoo”

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  • clump of fat

    davia person a: why is she lying around? person b: because she is a clump of fat

  • venked

    when you get f-cked by a professor, like when you write a test where the material wasn’t on the test. oh yea we all got venked by that test.

  • partic*p*tion trophy wife

    the woman that you settled on marrying because you thought that no one else would have you. my partic-p-tion trophy wife is much better-off for having left me. a “trophy wife” in the sense that we now live in a society where everyone gets a trophy. she’s certainly not first, second, or even third place. […]

  • mini dab

    an alternative to the dab. a way to slyly dab in public or at work. to mini dab one must point your pointer finger and your thumb and fold the rest of your fingers. “i was in a client meeting and couldn’t dab, so i threw out a mini dab to show my swag”

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