the opposite of a chode. an extra skinny and long p*n*s.
have you seen tanner’s chanay?

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  • dinner bell p*ssy

    a v*g*n* so stretched out that s*x is akin to ringing a dinner bell is called dinner bell p*ssy. the guys wondered if susie had a dinner bell p*ssy after dating the basketball team.

  • tad-tad

    when someone is being a little b*tch then you call them a tad-tad b*tch: hey guys i have a 420 gauge shotgun you:hey you f*ckin tad-tad that’s impossible

  • wow brain

    when you play world of warcraft (or another video game) so long that your head hurts and you feel groggy. man i can’t do my homework anymore. i shouldn’t have played for 6 hours today… guessing i have a case of wow brain.

  • t*t separater

    there aren’t any definitions for t*t separater yet. can you define it?

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