a manly white man that loves chocolate milk.
man, look at that dude over there. he sure is all about his chuckalatmilk.

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  • milkman2

    the meanest, rudest person to ever live. he can only afford milk cause he doesn’t have a job cause he spends all his time writing mean cr*p about people.mean rude person1: he is soooo mean! he called me a backstabber on urban dictionary! person2: it must have been milkman2

  • trash garbage

    someone that is worse than trash so you have to add garbage onto the end of the word. me: hey kid you are trash garbage kid: no you are trash garbage

  • gaming hangover

    when a person or people go on a gaming spree for a long period of time without stopping and the effects last one-two days friend: dude you look like sh*t friend(2): sorry, i’m kinda recovering from a (gaming hangover)

  • pick her ring

    a man who hooks up with a woman who is already taken by another man, with no regard for the couples relationship. when her husband left for work the pick her ring went to their house and made his move on the wife.

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