cigarette dick

the unfortunate smelly product of receiving oral s*x from a smoker.
1: hey man, i heard you hooked up with that chick from the bar last night.
2: nah, just a blowie… but she smoked so many camels i got a nasty case of cigarette d*ck.

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    c*ckshlap: a derogatory reference to call someone who you preferably don’t like. johnson: hey harry. harry: yeah johnson? johnson: you’re a c*ckshlap harry: f*ck you c*ckshlap.

  • c*mmy dumpies

    when you get a b*n*r from taking a big sh*t hey bro ever get the c*mmy dumpies?

  • dab queen

    female connissour of cannabis concentrates, or dabs. she’s my dab queen.

  • d*ck fingering

    excessively touching an item or person for any period time hey buddy ,stop d*ck fingering my phone.

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