verb. to cut a conversation short- specifically pertaining to male genitalia, e.g. p*n*ses.
i performed a circ*msation when she couldn’t stope talking about the size of his d*ck.

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  • apple puncher

    ap·ple punch·er /ˈapəl-pən(t)sh-er/ noun 1. the act of forcefully inserting an apple (by punching it) deep into someones *n*l cavity. “bro, i was watching p*rn last night and this girl got served by the most hardcore apple puncher i’ve ever seen” via giphy

  • lil biddy

    synonym for “lil b*tch” that’s my lil biddy over there.

  • c*nt fever

    when you really like to give oral s*x to women. when sh*th**d wants to suck on the cats p*ss**s he has c*nt fever;.

  • h*m*nomis*xual

    people who are only attracted to others with their own name. being a h*m*nomis*xual really limits my dating pool.

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