a group of f*ckboys that decided to convene together and be a cl*ster of f*ckboys.
the school baseball team is a real cl*sterf*ckboy

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  • 5sos groupie

    a girl, who is often a white gold-digger seeking attention and money by f*cking members of 5sos. “hey do you know arzaylea?” “yes she’s such a 5sos groupie with luke. he deserves way better.”

  • drop the donut

    when u f*ck up “dude dont drop the donut”

  • two bag job

    just in case one falls off situation where a person male or female is so ugly , two paper bags are required to cover not only the ugly persons face but your own. hence two bag job

  • the omar

    shoving a cuc*mber down a girls throat while hitting it from behind plz do the omar plz

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