when you beat someone up really bad that they get really hurt.
“if you slap me i will put you in a coma”
extended nap.
i just took a coma.
a coma is a state of prolonged unconsciousness, which can be caused by one of many, many things. many people believe that even if a person is in a coma, s/he can still hear you if you speak to him/her.
“hey there, grandma. i hope you wake up from that dreadful coma soon. i miss your cooking–”

*nurse leaves*

“i’m going to spray some whipped cream up your *sshole, and there’s nothing you can do about it! haw haw haw!”
the period after one starts a new relationship, during which one loses contact with one’s friends because one is devoting all one’s time to one’s significant other. usually preceded by “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” for clarity.
i tried to get dave up in here but he’s still in his girlfriend coma.
1.epic dubstep female vocalist

2. something that has been taken to the next level as a result of insane trippy vocals

3. to be epic without the *ssistance of auto-tune.

dude that song just got coma’d.

the drop hit so hard that the vocals knocked me out. i just got coma’d.

the tune was epic, but now it knocks me dead. the tune is coma’d.
the next level beyond chill
dude that songs sooo chill its coma
a state of conciousness when one has s*x and “doesnt remember” one who reaches this state would be known as a wh*r* or worthless tool
dude i totally got your girl in a coma last night, you should have been there, we ripped her apart
also : gay. and proud of small muscles.
wow, what a wimp. silly comas, d*cks aren’t for you.

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