a person of aborigine and asian descent…like a fortune c**n.
check out that c**n-chi…..shes boong drunk trying to give m*ssages!

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  • ea d*ck

    used in s*x, as you’re about to c*m, pull out and tell him/her “you need to purchase the season p*ss for the full experience” “jenny was ok, but not as good as i wanted so i gave her the ol’ ea d*ck”

  • skamon

    to do something with high energy or when someone is ready to do something with high energy. let’s all skamon and take a shot together, skamon!

  • resolve breakfast

    to have a p**p after eating breakfast i need to go to the bathroom and resolve breakfast

  • gliffy

    like a stiffy only this shall occour when a man named glenn is being a cheeky b*st*rd. “just had it out with glenn and i’m sporting such a gliffy right now!”

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