b-tch n-gg-
hahaha he so coreon

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  • elizabeth schuyler

    the most precious being ever. never wrong. beautiful. sweet. mom. also baby. elizabeth schuyler deserved so much better than that -sshole, hamilton.

  • datsun cherry

    undresized j-panese car, marketed at the female buyer, collected by h-m-s-xual men do you see that unpleasant datsun cherry go down the road

  • master fensei

    one who has mastered the art of finessin. this includes sneaking into music festivals, gettin b-tches, stacking mad cheese, etc. joe always be finessin, therefore one day he will own the t-tle master fensei (fen-say)

  • french horse

    a french wh-r- who has a lot a sh-t on a lot of purfume she smells like a french horse

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