delusional black people who think they are another race. also called autists.
look at cortice riding the short bus.

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  • 1 of 1

    one and only. 1 person out of 1 person. also the t*tle of shinee’s alb*m. you’re my 1 of 1 girl.

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    a foreskin lookin white boy who goes to minisink and ruins everybody’s sh*t “guess what tom flynn did this time” “god, what now?” “he threw up all over the place in the cafeteria so now they’re not serving lunch” “god dammit flynn”

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    make some thing or some one smaller the shopkeeper will lessen the amount of rice in the bag

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    when your so drunk! like absolutely wasted you dance on tables and split your head open! woah man i was absolutely f*ckin kimyed last night! don’t remember a thing!

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