a crumblit is a bit of a crumb.
“why did you throw that container of fried oreos away?!”
“there wasn’t anything in there, it was empty.”
“but there were crumblits!”

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  • phonumdrum

    the dilemma one experiences when deciding to answer a phone call from a phone number unknown to you. phone calls from a unknown number causes such a phonumdrum.

  • sacuyan

    it stands for “stick a carrot up your *ss, noob”. used when mocking noobs in an online game. noob: how do i complete a quest? leet: sacuyan!

  • circ*mcensus

    the procedure of systematically acquiring information about the uncirc*mcised members of a given room. after scanning the men at the party, the foreskin obsessed roberta began thinking of clever ways to conduct her circ*mcensus.

  • goboarding

    risking one’s health in the pursuit of unnecessary convenience. usually by using a cheap “hoverboard” or “goboard”. madis: “i feel so lazy, i’m gonna go goboarding home today.” allar: “are you insane? aren’t you afraid to get hurt?” madis: “yolo”

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