a beautiful girl that is hard to get but is worth the wait, very good in bed, and is very talented
i really want cyntheria

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  • thiccmemechicc

    a chick who loves memes and also has a thicc body. d*mn that girl is a thiccmemechicc

  • perfect service

    perfect service – is when you feel like asking a waitress to taste your food because you are afraid that it might actually be perfect. when i’m yellin “wait miss!” at the waitress “can you come taste this, cuz i think it’s perfect..” – ‘perfect service’ – tye x krack® ep

  • lynessa

    beautiful, strong female. goes after her dreams regardless of the mountain she has to climb through. amazing heart, if your lucky to have her as a friend never lose her. she pours her heart and soul into her love ones. if her heart gets broken, something she will always remember. lynessa is wonderful.

  • sinetra

    a bad person. ” that person who is killing little kids is a real sinetra”

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