Ad verbum

to the word; exact in wording according to an original.


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  • Ad vitam

    for life. Historical Examples Here we see the signification of that burning light around which is written: “ad vitam, non ad horam.” The Heroic Enthusiasts,(1 of 2) (Gli Eroici Furori) Giordano Bruno

  • Ad vivum

    to that which is alive.

  • Ad-hoc polymorphism

    ad-hoc polymorphism overloading

  • Ad/cycle

    ad/cycle tool, product Application Development cycle. A set of SAA-compatible IBM-sponsored products for program development, running on workstations accessing a central repository on a mainframe. The stages cover requirements, analysis and design, production of the application, building and testing and maintenance. Technologies used include code generators and knowledge based systems as well as languages and […]

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