a city in central Oklahoma.
Douay Bible. .
a female given name: from a Germanic word meaning “noble.”.
a programming language particularly suited to real-time applications: developed for use by the U.S. Department of Defense.
adenosine deaminase.
American Dental Association.
American Diabetes Association.
Americans for Democratic Action.
American Dental Association.
American Diabetes Association.
Americans for Democratic Action.
Contemporary Examples

In other words, according to the Ada, younger patients without associated risk factors appear not to benefit from taking aspirin.
Could a Daily Aspirin Be Deadly? Arthur Agatston, M.D. February 22, 2010

When Wales and his new wife had a daughter in 2011, they named her Ada, after Lady Lovelace.
You Can Look It Up: The Wikipedia Story Walter Isaacson October 18, 2014

As the puppies grew, she wanted to keep dressing them, so she started making them sweaters and Ada Nieves for Pets was born.
Kitty CATure Fashion Show, An Amazing Dog and Cat Fashion Show, Happened In New York This Weekend Lori-Lee Emshey September 29, 2013

McAndrews agreed that the androgenic hormone pill would be problematic for those with a genetic propensity for Ada.
Birth Control Made My Hair Fall Out, and I’m Not the Only One Molly Oswaks October 13, 2014

Like a private residence strictly for summer, the Ada Hotel is open from May to October.
Into the Heart of Turkey Sophie Menin September 27, 2010

Historical Examples

Ada, taking pity on Isabel, reminded them that Everard was going as well as Isabel, suggesting that they should go down to him.
Isabel Leicester Clotilda Jennings

Mr. Lanhearne and Ada looked at him with anxiety, and Mr. Lanhearne went to his side.
A Singer from the Sea Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

It seemed to Ada and me that every body knew him, who wanted to do any thing with any body else’s money.
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Vol. V, No. XXV, June, 1852 Various

“Here is a playfellow for you, Ada,” said her father, as he led her towards him.
Luttrell Of Arran Charles James Lever

She would have been swept away along with him, but Ada also sprang forward and grasped Hilda by the mantle.
Erling the Bold R.M. Ballantyne

a high-level computer programming language designed for dealing with real-time processing problems: used for military and other systems

fem. proper name, from Hebrew Adha, literally “ornament.”
(After Ada Lovelace) A Pascal-descended language, designed by Jean Ichbiah’s team at CII Honeywell in 1979, made mandatory for Department of Defense software projects by the Pentagon. The original language was standardised as “Ada 83”, the latest is “Ada 95”.
Ada is a large, complex, block-structured language aimed primarily at embedded applications. It has facilities for real-time response, concurrency, hardware access and reliable run-time error handling. In support of large-scale software engineering, it emphasises strong typing, data abstraction and encapsulation. The type system uses name equivalence and includes both subtypes and derived types. Both fixed and floating-point numerical types are supported.
Control flow is fully bracketed: if-then-elsif-end if, case-is-when-end case, loop-exit-end loop, goto. Subprogram parameters are in, out, or inout. Variables imported from other packages may be hidden or directly visible. Operators may be overloaded and so may enumeration literals. There are user-defined exceptions and exception handlers.
An Ada program consists of a set of packages encapsulating data objects and their related operations. A package has a separately compilable body and interface. Ada permits generic packages and subroutines, possibly parametrised.
Ada support single inheritance, using “tagged types” which are types that can be extended via inheritance.
Ada programming places a heavy emphasis on multitasking. Tasks are synchronised by the rendezvous, in which a task waits for one of its subroutines to be executed by another. The conditional entry makes it possible for a task to test whether an entry is ready. The selective wait waits for either of two entries or waits for a limited time.
Ada is often criticised, especially for its size and complexity, and this is attributed to its having been designed by committee. In fact, both Ada 83 and Ada 95 were designed by small design teams to be internally consistent and tightly integrated. By contrast, two possible competitors, Fortran 90 and C++ have both become products designed by large and disparate volunteer committees.
See also Ada/Ed, Toy/Ada.
Home of the Brave Ada Programmers ( Ada FAQs ( (hypertext), text only (
(, (, (
E-mail: .
Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.lang.ada.
An Ada grammar ( including a lex scanner and yacc parser is available. E-mail: [email protected].
Another yacc grammar and parser for Ada by Herman Fischer (
An LR parser and pretty-printer for Ada from NASA is available from the Ada Software Repository.
Adamakegen generates makefiles for Ada programs.
[“Reference Manual for the Ada Programming Language”, ANSI/MIL STD 1815A, US DoD (Jan 1983)]. Earlier draft versions appeared in July 1980 and July 1982. ISO 1987.
[Jargon File]
American Dental Association
American Diabetes Association
American Dietetic Association
Americans for Democratic Action
Americans with Disabilities Act
assistant district attorney

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