Angle of elevation

(def 8a).


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  • Angle of incidence

    Also called incidence. Optics, Physics. the angle that a straight line, ray of light, etc., meeting a surface, makes with a normal to the surface at the point of meeting. (on an airplane) the angle, usually fixed, between a wing or tail root chord and the axis of the fuselage. Chiefly British, (def 1). noun […]

  • Angle iron

    an iron or steel bar, brace, or cleat in the form of an angle. Also called angle, angle bar, L bar, L beam. a piece of structural iron or steel having a cross section in the form of an L . Historical Examples A settee-cushion, all burst and impaled upon a piece of angle iron, […]

  • Angle of lag

    the phase difference, expressed in degrees, by which one sinusoidal function moves behind a second having the same period, as alternating current moving behind the alternating voltage.

  • Angiophacomatosis

    angiophacomatosis angiophacomatosis an·gi·o·pha·co·ma·to·sis or an·gi·o·pha·ko·ma·to·sis (ān’jē-ō-fə-kō’mə-tō’sĭs, -fāk’ō-) n. See Lindau’s disease. See Sturge-Weber syndrome.

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