Captain’s bed

a bed consisting of a shallow box with drawers in the side and a mattress on top.


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  • Captain’s chair

    a chair having a rounded back formed by a heavy rail resting upon vertical spindles and coming forward to form the arms.

  • Captain cooker

    noun (NZ) a wild pig

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    captain crunch 1. (“Cap’n Crunch”) An early 1970s hacker/phreaker/phacker who used a free whistle included with “Cap’n Crunch” breakfast cereal to fake pay phone system tones and make large quantities of free phone calls. Also alludes to “crunch”. ( 2. (After the above) wardialer. 3. Reportedly, a program which crashes a computer by overloading the […]

  • Captain-of-industry

    the head of a large business firm, especially of an industrial complex.

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