variant of cerat- before a consonant:
combining form
denoting horn or a hornlike part: ceratodus
(anatomy) denoting the cornea

word-forming element meaning “horn,” from Latinized comb. form of Greek keras “horn” (see kerato-).

cerato- pref.
Variant of kerato-.


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  • Ceratocricoid muscle

    ceratocricoid muscle cer·a·to·cri·coid muscle (sěr’ə-tō-krī’koid’) n. A fasciculus from the cricoarytenoid muscle, inserted into the inferior cornu of the thyroid cartilage.

  • Ceratodus

    a lungfish of either of two genera, Ceratodus or Neoceratodus, having hornlike ridges on the teeth. Historical Examples noun (pl) -duses any of various extinct lungfish constituting the genus Ceratodus, common in Cretaceous and Triassic times Compare barramunda

  • Ceratoid

    hornlike; horny. adjective having the shape or texture of animal horn

  • Ceratophyllus

    Ceratophyllus Cer·a·to·phyl·lus (sěr’ə-tō-fĭl’əs, -tŏf’ə-ləs) n. A genus of fleas found in temperate climates, including species parasitic to birds and small mammals. Historical Examples

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