chiropodalgia chi·ro·po·dal·gi·a (kī’rō-pō-dāl’jē-ə, -jə)
Variant of cheiropodalgia.


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  • Chiropodist

    [ki-rop-uh-dist, kahy- or, often, shuh-] /kɪˈrɒp ə dɪst, kaɪ- or, often, ʃə-/ noun 1. a podiatrist. n. 1785, from chiro- “hand” + pod-, stem of Greek pous “foot” (see foot (n.)) + -ist. Probably coined by Canadian-born U.S. healer Daniel Palmer (1845-1913); originally they treated both hands and feet. A much-maligned word among classicists, who […]

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    [ki-rop-uh-dee, kahy- or, often, shuh-] /kɪˈrɒp ə di, kaɪ- or, often, ʃə-/ noun 1. . /kɪˈrɒpədɪ/ noun 1. the treatment of the feet, esp the treatment of corns, verrucas, etc chiropody chi·rop·o·dy (kĭ-rŏp’ə-dē, shĭ-) n. See podiatry.

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    [kahy-ruh-prak-tik] /ˌkaɪ rəˈpræk tɪk/ noun 1. a therapeutic system based primarily upon the interactions of the spine and nervous system, the method of treatment usually being to adjust the segments of the spinal column. 2. a chiropractor. /ˌkaɪrəˈpræktɪk/ noun 1. a system of treating bodily disorders by manipulation of the spine and other parts, based […]

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    chiropractic medicine (kī’rə-prāk’tĭk) A system for treating disorders of the body, especially those of the bones, muscles, and joints, by manipulating the vertebrae of the spine and related structures.

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