cholecystopexy cho·le·cys·to·pex·y (kō’lĭ-sĭs’tə-pěk’sē)
Suture of the gallbladder to the abdominal wall.


Read Also:

  • Cholecystorrhaphy

    cholecystorrhaphy cho·le·cys·tor·rha·phy (kō’lĭ-sĭ-stôr’ə-fē) n. Suture of an incised or ruptured gallbladder.

  • Cholecystosonography

    cholecystosonography cho·le·cys·to·so·nog·ra·phy (kō’lĭ-sĭs’tō-sə-nŏg’rə-fē) n. Ultrasonic examination of the gallbladder.

  • Cholecystostomy

    [koh-luh-si-stos-tuh-mee, kol-uh-] /ˌkoʊ lə sɪˈstɒs tə mi, ˌkɒl ə-/ noun, plural cholecystostomies. Surgery. 1. formation of an opening through the abdominal wall into the gallbladder, usually done for drainage and to remove gallstones. cholecystostomy cho·le·cys·tos·to·my (kō’lĭ-sĭ-stŏs’tə-mē) n. The establishment of a fistula into the gallbladder.

  • Cholecystotomy

    [koh-luh-si-stot-uh-mee, kol-uh-] /ˌkoʊ lə sɪˈstɒt ə mi, ˌkɒl ə-/ noun, plural cholecystotomies. Surgery. 1. incision of the gallbladder. cholecystotomy cho·le·cys·tot·o·my (kō’lĭ-sĭ-stŏt’tə-mē) n. Incision into the gallbladder.

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