[kawrn-fed] /ˈkɔrnˌfɛd/

on :
cornfed cattle.
having a well-fed, healthy, and guileless appearance:
the open enthusiasm of these handsome, cornfed youngsters.



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  • Cornfield

    [kawrn-feeld] /ˈkɔrnˌfild/ noun 1. a field in which corn is grown. /ˈkɔːnˌfiːld/ noun 1. a field planted with cereal crops n. late 13c., from corn (n.1) + field (n.).

  • Cornfield-ant

    noun 1. a small, brown ant, Lasius alienus, that lives in cornfields and feeds on honeydew of the corn-root aphid.

  • Cornflag

    [kawrn-flag] /ˈkɔrnˌflæg/ noun 1. a Mediterranean plant, Gladiolus segetum, of the iris family, having loose, one-sided spikes of pinkish-purple flowers.

  • Cornflakes

    [kawrn-fleyks] /ˈkɔrnˌfleɪks/ noun, (used with a plural verb) 1. a packaged breakfast cereal in the form of small toasted flakes made from corn, for serving cold with milk, sugar, etc. /ˈkɔːnˌfleɪks/ plural noun 1. a breakfast cereal made from toasted maize, eaten with milk, sugar, etc

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