a person, performance, etc., having great popular appeal.


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  • Crowd-puller

    noun a person, group, or event that attracts a large audience

  • Crowd someone

    verb To press or importune someone; encroach on someone’s territory or safety: Don’t crowd me now, just let me handle it (1839+)

  • Crowd someone out

    verb phrase To push or force someone by pressure as of a crowd: I think he’s trying to crowd me out of the board membership (1652+)

  • Crowdsource

    [kroud-sawrs, -sohrs] /ˈkraʊdˌsɔrs, -ˌsoʊrs/ verb (used with or without object), crowdsourced, crowdsourcing. 1. to utilize (labor, information, etc.) contributed by the general public to (a project), often via the Internet and without compensation: The team’s use of Facebook to crowdsource accurate scientific data allowed the project to be completed on time. The newspaper crowdsourced its […]

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