[kris-tl-og-ruh-fee] /ˌkrɪs tlˈɒg rə fi/

the science dealing with crystallization and the forms and structure of crystals.
the science concerned with the formation, properties, and structure of crystals


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  • Crystalloid

    [kris-tl-oid] /ˈkrɪs tlˌɔɪd/ noun 1. a usually crystallizable substance that, when dissolved in a liquid, will diffuse readily through vegetable or animal membranes. 2. Botany. one of certain minute crystallike granules of protein, found in the tissues of various seeds. adjective 3. resembling a crystal. 4. of the nature of a crystalloid. /ˈkrɪstəˌlɔɪd/ adjective 1. […]

  • Crystallophobia

    noun a fear of crystals, glass; also called hyalophobia Word Origin Greek krystallon ‘crystal’

  • Crystallose

    [kris-tl-ohs] /ˈkrɪs tlˌoʊs/ Trademark. 1. a brand of saccharin sodium.

  • Crystalluria

    crystalluria crys·tal·lu·ri·a (krĭs’tə-lur’ē-ə, -lyur’-) n. The excretion of crystals in the urine.

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